Children's Safety

The importance of electricity as a necessity in our households cannot be over emphasized. We virtually use electricity in every cooling, heating, lighting, cooking, entertainment (gaming gadgets and equipment) among other important activities performed at home. It is with this great importance attached to electricity that eminent danger abounds.

Electricity remains the scariest and most dangerous hazard within the house. It can destroy property and objects, and in a situation whereby an object is a person, a child for that matter, it can disfigure properly and, at worst, kill.

It is no coincidence that children are the most susceptible to dangers involving electricity. This is for the reason that they aren’t knowledgeable, backed by their inquisitive nature, which can harm them.

It is therefore of great importance for you to play within safer rules at home to avoid your child being electrocuted. On this discourse, we will explore on some of the most important tips you can observe.

1. Avoid DIY electrical work

We are usually tempted to fix electrical appliances and socket ourselves when a certified electrician is out of reach or you don’t want to incur the repair costs or you simply think you can do it yourself.

Let’s be honest: our tampering usually leads to even worse mistakes as we don’t have the knowledge more often than not. Such common mistakes include incorrect fitting of outlets and switches, use of wires and cables that are of an incorrect size and overloading outlets among others.

With these, your child becomes more prone to danger. To guard against such danger, you should seriously think before attempting any DIY work and also solely reserve electrical repair and maintenance to those certified to do so.

2. Out of children’s reach

Keep electrical appliance cords out of children’s reach. Be aware that appliance cords always present some sort of a grabbing opportunity – cords of hot items such as kettles, hair dryers and straighteners and irons should be given due attention.

It is greatly recommended that you purchase electrical appliances that are covered by curly flex cables for they are served to reduce the risks of shock and enables the cable to be out of children’s reach

3. Switch appliances off when not in use

Generally, one of the most basic and important precautions that should be observed; though sometimes, it’s the most people forget to observe. This may be due to ignorance or just pure silliness. Apart from high electricity bill and cause of injury that may result from these instances, a fault can tragically cause a serious fire that can affect your child.

4. Never overload sockets or plugs

Overloading is usually when there are a lot of electrical appliances whether phone, computer, television or radio among others, are all competing for power from the same socket or plug. A lot of overheated appliances and domestic fires are explained by overloading and the result can be very harming to your child.

Ergo, a list of recommendations to follow: First, high powered appliances such as washing machines and driers should ideally have a single socket as they consume a lot of power. Secondly, extension leads and adaptors though can be used; they are limited in terms of the amps they can take. So don’t overload them.

5. Be careful with foreign voltage

It is certain that you will be aware and rather habituated to volt counts in your country. But life takes a lot of us to different places and we find ourselves starting anew in a different locality.

You see, not all converter plugs are equal. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the volt count prescribed for the national grid you belong to but more importantly, you must proceed with a lot of caution when plugging them in and you should never leave them unattended.

For checking the local voltage in a foreign country, you can take a look at the glass of an ordinary bulb. Your failure to adhere to these can pose safety challenges for your child that you do not desire in a foreign land.

6. Keep electrical appliances and your child dry

Electric shock is common with children and the result can be devastating. It is advised that you keep your children dry or encourage them to dry themselves before accessing an electrical item.

Also, keep the items dry at all times. Drinks often cause the most spills on electrical appliances whether it is a game console, computers, sky boxes or DVD players.

Do remember to keep them at check! Lastly more information can be obtained online concerning this area and when you in doubt, and in need of one to one assistance, never shy away from contacting your qualified electrician.

If you are moving in to a new house, you may want to consult an electricity supplier such as Josco Energy NJ or EDF Energy. They have the necessary expertise that would make sure your children are safe at home from the dangers of electricity.