Types Of Detox

Having been prompted to look for a treatment center for the best addiction detox program, finding the right treatment program for you or your loved one is crucial for any major recovery to take place. It is perhaps the most critical factor in treating a substance use disorder.

This is because the right treatment center that provides services matching the patient’s needs will go a long way to assist the patient in making a major recovery, or simply sliding back into substance abuse right after they have been discharged.

It is better to get a detox program at the facility and when improvement and stability are noticed, outpatient detox routines can be indulged.

Here are things to help you choose the right addiction detox program.

1. Get assessed

The first tip to finding the best addiction detox program for you is to get yourself or your loved one assessed.

You will find it difficult to know the best treatment plan for you if you do not know what you need. To do this, it is advised that you get an assessment from a doctor or therapist who is trained in treating substance use disorders.

Your doctor’s assessment will often include the best form of detox and treatment program. Doctors might recommend outpatient detox, if that would be more beneficial for you (this depend on how chronic the addiction is).

2. Research

Research is everything. Find out if the facility that you are considering provides the resources you need.

Lots of people with substance use disorder have other clinical conditions like anxiety or depression. So, conduct your research to know if they have resources such as counselors that can deal specifically with a dual-diagnosis.

Be sure to contact the facility and confirm if the services listed on their website are truly offered. Some facilities list services they do not offer yet on their site.

3. Validate Credentials

Verifying that the facility you have chosen is what they claim to be. It is essential to verify that the facility is accredited and licensed.

It will also be a good idea to look into the staff and ensure that all their counselors and medical staff have extensive experience in addiction treatment. Experienced staff who might have had a personal addiction recovery journey will be an added advantage.

4. Customized Care Programs

Ensure that the facility you have chosen provides services that assess patients on an individual basis. This is because no two individuals are the same.

The facility should be able to take everything into account such as specific addictions and whether you have tried detoxifying before to understand the difficulties and advantages of detoxifying for you.

5. Expensive is not always quality

Challenges such as poor staff supervision, lack of basic counseling, and understaffing can still be experienced in some pricier facilities. Some centers are a rip off out only for the gain they hope to make.

6. Prioritize a Trauma-Informed Approach

Without uncovering the root of your addiction, it will be impossible to remain sober and even more difficult to achieve complete success in your detox process despite the numerous benefits of detoxifying.

Excellent addiction detox programs will help you to first identify what triggered the need for substance abuse and then find a suitable treatment process both psychologically and physically to help in the recovery process.