Playing is one of the vital activities that a human do during his lifetime. The instinct of playing comes naturally to us, just like the instinct of working is there. The difference between playing and working is of motive and mood. Our motive and mood do all the changes. So, these both go hand in hand and complement each other well.

Even though in today’s hectic lifestyle people seldom play outdoor as after a long day they prefer staying at home rather than going out to play and lighten their mood. Despite being aware of health benefits of playing outdoor games, they merely sit inside and stay idle. These days’ people are recognizing the importance of the health benefits of playing outdoors as they are the best way to stay fit with costing extra money.

Value of outdoor games are varied and many as there are the plethora of games which one can play outdoor, which are played since a long time whereas a person can play many other games which are self-organized, it just takes an initiative to step out of one’s own comfort zone. Moreover, by playing these games one can have mental pleasure along with physical exercise.

Athletic game (Hockey)

HockeyThe national sport of India but still no so popular like cricket, Hockey is a very beneficial game which must be played as it has various health advantages which are never considered. Hockey basically helps to enhance the strength of muscles, develops a cardiovascular system of the body. Hockey is more of like a full body workout as it burns calories in no time. In terms of mental abilities, it boosts brain’s memory and improves communication skills while coordinating with fellow players.

Court Game (Volleyball)

VolleyballOne of the popular type of team sport which is played worldwide. It was originated in the US in the late 1800s. Due to its easy rule, it is in existence from a long time span. Despite being easy it has other advantages too which makes it a part of our daily life schedule to stay fit and healthy. Its pros involve improvement in activeness and indispensable stamina reduces anxiety. Basically, it enables you to concentrate at a better level. One of its vital outcomes is it builds a great coordination between hand and eye which is used in many other physical activities.

Stump Game (Cricket)

CricketCricket is not only a game but an international sport which has the plethora of fans all around the world. People are just crazy for cricket matches. A huge crowd of cricket fans can be seen in the stadiums all over the world. Dwellers of India are a just diehard fan of playing and watching cricket. Cricket players are treated no less than a celebrity. People are highly influenced and inspired by cricketers. Cricket is really good for mental health as teaches us teamwork, coordination. In physical terms, it provides endurance to the body, fitness, eye-coordination. Main help it does to its player is the extreme level of flexibility which is unmatchable.


SoccerIt is an American origin sport which has its roots in Rugby and Soccer. Even though it is one of the oldest sports known, it’s still in existence and played widely across many nations. When it comes to fitness it is not less than a gift which takes nothing but efforts to play it. It lowers down the fat of the body and makes muscles more toned. The foremost thing it does is to increase the strength of overall body, especially muscles. On the side of cognitive skills and function, it is an elite kind of game that helps to maintain self-esteem and self-discipline because of being a self-paced game. So, it is must play a game for any age group by maintaining safety measures as a necessity.

Racket Game (Tennis)

Racket GameTennis is a racket sport which is played individually or with an opponent. It is believed to be originated in France many years ago. Tennis is widely accepted sport with almost a billion fans all across the different nations. Tennis most important function is to enhance the aerobic capacity of the player. Which keeps that player always fit and in shape. It also increases the density of the bones. It can be played to reduce stress and can be played by any age group and level. It is basically a game with no impact.

Catching Game (Fishing)

FishingAs we know, fishing is a bit challenging plus the best mode to enjoy in the open air. Yes, fishing will give you quite a heavy physical movement like casting your rod, drawing the reel, stimulating the fish, you might consider paddling, and other physical actions that you will keep you physically healthy. Through these fundamental methods to grab a fish, it can definitely burn calories, reinforce muscle tone and build up overall fitness.
A day of fishing can be a total body workout.

Arms: activities such as casting, rowing and climbing work the small and large muscles in your hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms and shoulders.
Core: working to stay upright the force of water tightens your abdominal muscles as you fight for balance. Scrambling on rocks also call upon the strength of your core.
Back: correct posture wading strengthens your lower back muscles while fighting fish and casting make use of your upper back and shoulders.

Some advantages of playing outdoor self-made games- Going out to play and raising this awareness amongst other fellows is very important as the majority of people ignore this way of staying fit, without spending extra money for joining gym, yoga or dance classes. These sports form a healthy point of view of life that can be passed as a hierarchy to their children. These games can give you virtues such as courage and patience. That acceptance to defeat that too with grace is elite. A person becomes more organized and self-dependent. One should always go out in idle time to enjoy the pleasure of mind and good state of health.

After reading all the unknown benefits of outdoor games, we are sure you all are highly encouraged and energetic to start a new regime soon. Wish you luck for this change. Stay always healthy overall!