Are you presently faced with dental work? Perhaps you have a set of removable dentures, and your dentist is suggesting you get All on Four dental implants instead? What should you know before you make this decision? First some background and foundational information on removable dentures vs. All on Four dentures and how they differ.

All on Four dentures – an innovative method

The All on Four method refers to a set of 10 to 14 teeth being supported by four dental implants. Dr. Paulo Malo pioneered this implant technique in 1998 and it has since then been used by hundreds of thousands of patients.

The longevity of All on Four dentures has been the subject of many studies. And while this technique is relatively new, the studies have shown that these dentures have high success percentage rates.

How are All on Four implants different from other dental implants?

Older dental implant techniques required that as many as 8 to 10 implants be added per jaw. Not only is this surgery costly in terms of money, but also in terms of it being a lengthy procedure. One that gives way to a long recovery period. Whereas All on Four implants, due to the implants being reduced to just 4, can typically all be done within one day.

All on Four dental implants also avoid bone grating surgery, which is known to be a complicated and protracted affair. All on Four implant method, on the other hand, bypass bone grafting surgery and places the implants where available bone exists.

If you are considering getting rid of your dentures and replacing them with All on Four dental implants, here are reasons to support your choice.

Increased comfort

One of the top complaints of those with removable dentures? That they slip and slide and need continual adjustment. Tired of the bother and the social embarrassment that your removable dentures cause when they slide about? Then All on Four dental implants might be the right choice for you.

More of the foods you love

Do you miss eating crunchy foods? Perhaps you have been under dietary restrictions due to your dentures not being able to provide the needed chewing power? Dr. Jason Lane, a local dentist in Wasilla Alaska says, “With All on Four dental implants, you will be able to eat your favorite foods once again. You won’t even need to think twice about how your food might affect your teeth. And dental implants are becoming far less expensive than they used to be.”

A boost in self-confidence

Removable dentures do not have the same natural look as dental implants do. Because of this, perhaps you have felt self-conscious about your smile. With All on Four dental implants, your smile will look as good as new, and perhaps better than it ever did. With a bright and natural-looking smile, you will be able to put your best self forward every day, without feeling insecure about how you look.

Easy to clean

You can clean your All on Four dental implants just as used to clean your natural teeth. No more needing to soak dentures in a solution overnight, or needing to rinse them out before putting them back in. Just go back to the foundational elements of oral hygiene – brushing your teeth twice a day – and you are set.

A long-lasting option

Removable dentures can be broken when certain foods are chewed. Or when they are dropped or not handled correctly. There are also times when removable dentures that used to fit become ill fitting, due to bone loss. In these cases, the dentures must then be replaced, which shortens the longevity of a set of removable dentures.

Manufacturers of removable dentures list from 5 to 7 years before it needs to be replaced. All on Four dental implants, however, are built to last. These implants have none of the breakage issues and can stand up to the food that normal teeth can handle.

A prime way to simplify your life

Think back to the first time you got fitted for removable dentures? It likely took you several appointments to get the dentures adjusted. And yet chances are high they still did not feel quite “right.”

Faced with having to do that again in 5 years, this reason alone might have you researching All on Four dental implants. This is a prime way to free your life of hassle and time-consuming appointments. And for that fact alone it is worth the initial investment in time and money.