Two years from now the feeling of getting a rebirth of beauty will come haunting you. Are you already watching makeover tutorials on YouTube?

Leaving no stone unturned when it comes to hiding those lines and  wrinkles? that idea is just as dumb as overeating to fill sagging and flabbiness.

Getting old is something natural, accepted, but when you leave it written in those wrinkles on your forehead for everyone to see, who’s fault is that but yours?

Presently, according to some renowned doctors; wrinkles, fine lines, darkness around eye sockets, shabbiness of skin, and some other aging features results from a low production of collagen by the body system.

Collagen is a natural hormone produced within the dermis, it function as our ultimate skin demigod, by providing it elasticity and brightness.

But why do we have lines and wrinkles when collagen is there for us? Let me show you exactly why lines and wrinkles show up on skin, before walking you through how to get rid of fine line.

Why You may Have Lines and Wrinkles

Now old age doesn’t just draw those lines on you with some invisible pen. Your natural skin beauty doesn’t just abscond when you clock 60, so ask me how lines appear. The basic skin strengthener is collagen, a naturally produced protein.

As we go along adulthood, there’s an inevitable decrease in collagen production, perhaps the body system looses its collagen production power, leaving our flesh weak and inelastic. As the skin loose tautness, it begin to loose its brightness, and tend to fall apart.

This falling apart is observable in folds, wrinkles, dry skin, hanging and shabbiness. What then can be done to prevent lines due to aging?

6 ingredients that works perfectly against aging

How to get rid of old age signs? Let’s explore. On your quest for old age remedies, almost very doctor will introduce their surgeries, pills and injections.

They just want to get a cut from you. Apart from the high cost of these plastic surgeries, 70% of anti aging pills, creams, and injection come with side effects like; skin cancer, skin tear, dullness, along with other inflammations.

Why then make your wallet loose its content when you have in-home remedies for anti aging? Do you know these 10 in-house antiaging ingredients will cost you almost nothing but give you the best anti-aging satisfaction? See below these safest anti aging natural treatments that work fast on lines and wrinkles.

Banana mask: Apart from eating banana to get rid of signs of aging, there’s more to banana application for healthier and youthful skin.

Another definition for a taut, naturally glowing skin is gotten from mashing banana with one teaspoon of orange or lemon juice plus one spoon of yoghurt (plain yoghurt).

After mashing, stair vigorously to have a well blend mixture of vitamin A, B, E and potassium, then allow it to settle down for 15-20 minutes before application.

Potassium acts a moisturizer to keep away dehydration, Vitamin A work against blackspot. Vitamin is a natural antiaging nutrient, while E protects skin from infection.

Oil: What if those signs are already there? Don’t panic, we can get rid of aging signs with oil too. Coconut oil contain emollients powerful on already formed wrinkles.

These emollient also work as antibacterial. Coconut oil also has some anti oxidants hard on free radicals but skin friendly.

Apart from coconut, olive oil is also a good choice. Olive oil extracted from olive tree has constituents like Vitamin A and E, both of which are enough to eradicate those skin-damaging radicals.

To make use of olive or coconut oil; wash your body with clean warm water, then apply a spoon of oil using white cotton wool. This is a sure way to protecting your skin from sunburn and keeping the day glowing.

Egg White: Egg white contains proteins for worn out tissue and blood cells repair. It will clear of dead cells forming clogs at our dermis, furthermore egg white will improve skin elasticity lost to old age.

To get more out of it, mixing egg white with honey and lemon juice will have greater impact in skin treatment. Honey has antibacterial enough to remove sebum blocking our skin pores.

Once the pores are free, they expand for easy removal of body waste like sweat, and this in turn leave our skin glowing and youthful.

Aloe Vera gel: It’s time to get a pot of aloe Vera planted in your garden, but if you already have it, then you are lucky. Do you know aloe Vera gel treats wrinkles better? It may be expensive to get Aloe Vera gel from a nearest grocery shop, but if you want to defy age without any side effect, then its worth it.

Aloe Vera is capable of erasing skin burn, fine lines, and folds. Just cut an aloe Vera from the root, slice and remove the gel. According to doctors, rubbing aloe Vera gel on wrinkles washed with clean water twice a day will workout those lines, leaving the skin more shining.

Cucumber and yoghurt: Experts said cucumber contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, B1, B2, B5, and 6, which are essential nutrients for a glowing taut skin.

Apart fro eating cucumber regularly, a mixture of cucumber and mint leave poured into a half cup of Greek yoghurt kept for about 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator for coolness will remove every signs of old age from the face. Just apply the mixture like a mask and allow it to remain for 30 minutes for a faster result.

Sleeping right: We spend about 10 hours sleeping out of 24 hours daily, why not make use of this sleeping period? An average man who sleep regularly, getting enough rest, will help you get rid of old age sings fast.

Sleeping on your face or hard pillow and bed may also form folds on you. So investing on soft bed and pillow may be your solution for aging skin. Without the application of aging creams, sleeping regularly on your back may be the only thing you need to be free from aging.