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The 6 Healthiest Fruits you Should be Eating

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Fruits are an amazing gift of nature, which are loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals, making them a great substitute for pills and medicines. There are some fruits which can be life saving, as they have the ability to fight disease and increase immunity. Fruits are generally rich in fiber and facilitate removal of harmful toxins from your body, besides boosting your energy levels.

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Here is a list of best fruits which can save your life, along with the ways they do it:


Since our childhood, we have been asked to eat an apple daily, for the purpose of keeping the doctor away. And this saying does carry a lot of weight as apple is a fruit rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which help in better assimilation of vitamin C by the body. Additionally, it contains a special kind of fiber called “pectin”, which has great detox benefits. Apple has been linked with lowered risk of heart disease, stroke and colon cancer.


The favorite summer fruit watermelon is very high in water content, up to 92%, making it great for rehydrating your body in summer heat. Another potent compound found in watermelon is glutathione, which is a wonderful immunity booster. It is also loaded with potassium, vitamin C and lycopene, a cancer fighting compound, all of which make it a life saving fruit.


Another fruit which can save your life is the delicious Papaya, which is loaded with vitamin C and dietary fiber, which confirm its usage as a natural laxative. Papaya also furnished a compound called carotene, which is good for your eye health.


Next on the list is the king of the citrus family, orange, which has a long list of health benefits. Being rich in vitamin C and fiber, this mouth watering fruit has the ability to curb diseases such as kidney stones, colon cancer, high cholesterol and coughs and colds.


Strawberry is a wonder fruit, which is loaded with the power of natural anti-oxidants. It provides protection against damage caused by free radicals and lowers the risk of life threatening diseases like some kinds of cancers and clogging of blood vessels (which may later result in heart disease and stroke).


Yet another life saving fruit is pomegranate, the rich red fruit which contains potent antioxidants called flavonoids and polyphenols, which are beneficial for lowering the risk of fatal diseases like cancer and heart disease. Pomegranate has been considered ideal for detoxifying and cleansing the blood, besides having other benefits such as lowering the bad cholesterol and blood pressure and also accelerating the process of meltdown of cardiovascular blockages.

Some other useful fruits are banana, guava, mango, coconut and blueberries. However, the benefits of fruits are subjective, depending upon the health conditions of an individual. For instance, mango is a fruit high in vitamin A and vitamin C, which makes it very useful, but it may not be beneficial for a diabetic due to its high sugar content. Still, most of the fruits are very useful for health, provided you consume them in moderation.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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