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6 Handy Ways to Get Rid of Severe Body Pain


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Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

Body pain is extremely common in this busy world. Everyone aspires to readily make the most out of themselves, physically or mentally, and it comes with concomitant mental stress and physical pain.


It can be a minor muscle cramp that can act as a deterrent in your daily work. People generally resort to a body pain tablet to get quick relief. It might go to therapy or stark medication in some cases.

We must understand the importance of good health in order to be most efficient in our work. Even minor pain can lead to severe chronic discomforts. Body pain should be catered to with adequate care and required medication.

Body massages and home medication have also come out to be one of the most useful remedies to this conundrum.

Rest and adequate sleep

Most physical discomforts and anxieties originate from lack of proper rest and proper sleep. Long working hours on a computer cause back pains and mental stresses. It should be taken care of to maintain short breaks after a stipulated period of time, which may vary in different cases.

Taking proper sleep not only refreshes us to the core but also increases our mental efficiency. A decent sleep of at least 6-7 hours every day helps us attenuate the day extended exertion and prepares us for a better tomorrow.

Moreover, suffering from severe body pain requires extra rest and care irrespective of our busy schedule.

Yoga and meditation

Indian culture has a vast domain, and its medicinal values have always been prominent around the world since ancient times. Yoga is one of the many practices India is known for around the world.

The western world has accepted it with the utmost alacrity, and it has come out to be a promising means of leading a healthy life.

Muscle cramps and body pains are often treated with yoga and meditation to ensure a natural remedy to the cause. The various asanas in yoga provide adequate stretching and efficient breathing to provide quick relief.



Not all body pains can be treated with home remedies. Some require help from a doctor or a therapist. They might lead to chronic discomforts if not taken care of at the right time.

Body pain that lasts for more than a week, even after all remedies at hand, usually requires professional influence.

Doctors suggest various painkillers and analgesics, according to the case. Taking the proper medication at the right moment can help us escape a life-long disease.


Adding to yoga and meditation, Ayurveda is the cynosure of Indian medicinal values. It has held its clutches firm since times immemorable. With its cheap products with minimum side-effects, Ayurveda has been accepted by the mass readily.

The extensive use of natural resources and extracting their medicinal values has proven to be a reliable remedy.

Experts in the field like Kerala Ayurveda are known to be prominent and well-accepted brands in ayurvedic products. Its popular and most effective Sudarsana Tablet promotes general health and immunity towards such pains.

It acts as a natural antipyretic and analgesic and deals with high fever, headache, body pain, viral infections, cough, and epigastric distress. Its tridosha-hara effect is very effective to obliterate the malaise in us.

Fomentation bags and heating belts

Most body pains are often dealt with immediate home remedies, and fomentation bags and heating belts are used extensively. Be it electrical or water bags, heating the paining area of the body provides relief to muscles and reduces pain.

Heating pads have been accepted by the mass as it requires no preparation such as heating water. It is provided with an option to vary the intensity of heat according to body pain. Moreover, the exponential increase in its use is due to its long life equipment.

Body massage and therapy

Body massages are considered to be the best source of relaxation from physical as well as mental stress, which is usual in today’s hectic life.People lookout for a source of entertainment and recreation to alleviate the stress and anxiety of their life.


For this, massages have come out to be handy and cheap, along with their health benefits. Muscle cramps and nervous tensions are mostly treated with massages and therapies.

It is more common in sports and physical activities. Back pains which might lead to even slip discs and are treated with various treatments. Thus, it’s crucial to narrow down to a suitable source to get done with your massage therapy.

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