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6 Easy Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

Stressful days are nothing new to anyone, most especially workers and people in college. The whole work experience, coupled with college experience is usually wrapped with stress. Lots of mental work and it just is never ending because at the end of the day, a goal is supposed to be achieved.


Stress is in no way healthy for our minds and bodies. Many people have become hospitalized because of the effects of stress on their bodies, and that is not an experience anyone wishes to have.

It is best to take very good care of yourself when you are stressed. The more you take very good care of your physical self, the more you become relax both mentally and otherwise.

If you’re looking for special ways to relax after having a stressful day, we have put together six unique tips that will help you.

1. you just have to get comfortable

The first and most important thing when you get home after a stressful day is to get comfortable. Take off those high heels, get the makeup off your face, take off your bra, take off your pants and every other thing that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Enjoy the weightless feeling. You just need to be less restricted and enjoy the ability to breathe more freely. You know when you take off those clothes that you wore during your stressful day, it is the first step to getting rid of all the terrible memories of that day.

Changing to your most comfortable wear or even your pajamas as soon as you get home you can decide to walk by faith, but I would prefer you get into some comfortable slippers. you can put the clothes in the washing machine I just put them in your laundry basket anything to get them off your sight.

2. Take a bath or shower

I don’t know about you but one thing that works for me all the time and helps to boost my mood is taking a hot or warm shower. Hot water is a great way to relax your muscles from a stressful day, and it’s also a great way to get some me time, you know that’s always necessary.

A warm bath can wash all the stress from your body, and you can even have fun while you’re at it. you can listen to your favorite playlist, use a nice smelling soap, or have a nice scented candle.

I enjoy having bath bombs and using a good body wash; it makes the experience more enjoyable. When you find yourself in this state, the last thing you want is your phone ringing so put your phone on flight mode or maybe do not disturb mode so you can enjoy yourself and relax your nerves.


3. You need to unplug

Whenever you’re stressed and tired of all the ups and downs of this world, one of the words you would mostly hear is unplug!

And trust me, you’ll need to unplug if you must relax completely. Social media has become part of our daily lives but it’s gonna be a great danger especially if you’re trying to relax.

After a stressful day, going back home to spend time on social media (checking your facebook feeds, your snapchat, Instagram, and the rest) can put you in an even worse position because some of the things you get to see might be depressing and even increase your stress levels. Let social media be for a couple of hours and trust me you won’t miss much.

By the time you get back, you’ll catch up on all the fun you think you’ve missed. However, if you find it difficult to detach from technology, you could just take your phone, or your laptop, connects to the internet and watch a film on hulu, netflix or HBO. If you must use your phone make sure it is for nothing else but listening to music; relaxing music.

4. Do something fun/creative

You can’t sing well? that doesn’t really matter here. The has to be something that you enjoyed during that you can do with little or no effort even on a very bad day. the point here is not to do this thing perfectly; it’s just to enjoy doing it.

So, you can decide to take a piece of paper and draw, or maybe write a poem or something. As long as it has to do with you being creative and enjoying the moment, it is perfect.

Trust me, doing something you love to do is therapeutic and it is a wonderful way to get all your thoughts in the right direction and also put your mind at ease. so what is it for you? is it dancing? would you like to color in a coloring book? just enjoy yourself and do anything that makes you genuinely happy.

5. Meditation is good

this may not sound like what you want to hear but meditation works just good, and it is an effective way for you to find peace when you’re tired. when you want to meditate you need to put on a very relaxing playlist that you know would give you a peaceful feeling. you could try the peaceful retreat playlist on Spotify.

Look for a nice and quiet area, get some of your crystals or anything that you think might be helpful with meditation.

Take some time to think only positive and calming thoughts, think of things that bring smiles to your face and the kind of positive things you like to attract to yourself.


If you would rather not think of anything at all, it is perfect. all you have to do is breathe in and out. It is also a wonderful idea to multi-task while you’re at it you could put on a face mask and just sit down and enjoy it work on your skin while you meditate.

6. Go to therapy immediately

This may sound funny, but going for therapy is not only for people with mental health conditions. If you have the chance and opportunity to go for therapy, then it is advisable you use it because it will help you calm down and maybe just vent about your terrible day to someone.

It is relaxing to just know that someone can sit there and listen to you as you talk about all your frustrations and your pains and all that bothers your heart. Trust me you would have no regrets at the end of your therapy session because you’ll feel a lot better afterward and ready to take on the challenges of the next day.

All of the tips above are tried and tested, but if you feel you have a thing or two you would like to add feel free to use the comment section as a lot of people could learn from you.

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