Clip-in Hair Extensions Myths

No, it is not just you, but hair extensions have become a hot favorite among most of the women in town! For ladies who love to look beautiful, love dressing nicely and wants to have an exquisite personality despite their age, hair extensions have become a new go-to – solution! These hair extensions are just amazing to create voluminous, luscious, and thick hairstyles.

For most, hair extensions are absolutely magical. It allows them to grow their short hair to long, bouncy hair, or to enhance the volume of their thin hair to wavy, smooth and thick hair. Undoubtedly, they are dramatic in performance and can enhance the hair appearance in terms of color, texture, type, length, and style.

But there is one major concern affecting the popularity of hair extensions! Still, a large proportion of people believe that hair extension can be actually problematic and can result in various problems related to hair. As a result, they still hold themselves back and cautious about adorning these beautiful extensions.

But, let me tell you, the various sayings associated to hair extensions are just myths and in this post, I will clear the most common 6 myths about your favorite clip-in hair extensions.

Hair Extensions
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Myth 1 – Extensions are only meant for those suffering from Hair Problems

A major portion of the population believes that hair extensions are meant only for those who are suffering from any sort of hair problem.

Almost 40% of females start experiencing hair problems when they are middle age. Their hair starts graying, become prone to fall, and tend to become highly unmanageable. Yes, hair extension is an excellent solution to overshadow these problems, but even if you have healthy hair still you can use these extensions to avail new style every day.

Even, these extensions can be applied to make your hair look more healthy, bouncy, wavy, and thick. So, if you have healthy hair but want to try different hairstyles without damaging your natural hair, then hair extensions are the best solution.

Myth 2 – Hair Extensions are Highly Expensive

Some females believe that an average earning person cannot afford hair extensions as they are highly expensive.

This is one of the biggest myths about these pretty extensions. These extensions are available in a range of prices and you need to pay only for the volume of strands your purchase.

You need to pay the price depending on the hair extension. While natural hair extensions are slightly expensive, there are beautiful synthetic hair extensions out there that are available at varying prices. Hence, you can make a purchase depending on your preference and have to pay in according to the one you have selected.

Myth 3 – Hair Extensions can Ruin Natural Hair

This is one of the biggest and commonly prevailing myths about hair extensions. In fact, it is a major reason to why a large number of women avoid wearing hair extensions.
One important thing that I would like to mention is that hair extension will never damage your natural hair if applied professionally correct. Also, it all depends on the type of extensions you are using. If you use cheap glue-in extensions for your hair, then definitely they will result in damage.

Strand by strand hair extensions leading to soft bonds are long – lasting and are the safest ones. If you apply them properly and follow a proper hair care routine, then hair extensions will never damage or tangle your natural hair.

Myth 4 – Hair Extensions Require Lots of Maintenance

Well, one real truth is that everything good in this world requires proper maintenance and care to a great extent. But I will not apply the same rule to the hair extensions.

If you are buying high-quality extensions, then they will not require much maintenance and care on a daily basis. In fact, these extensions can be very conveniently taken care of. It is because all these extensions need is a proper deep conditioning on a weekly basis.
So, just like you give a weekly pampering to your skin, your body, and your natural hair, similarly you need to give a weekly maintenance to your preferred extensions. To your surprise, maintaining hair extensions is absolutely easy and stress-free!

Myth 5 – Hair Extensions are Prepared from a Questionable Source

It is true that people donate their hair and have been even selling them in exchange for money. This practice has been following since long period. But, if you think that all these hair extensions are prepared from questionable sources, like hair from salon or hair donated in temples, then you might be wrong.

If you are buying premium extensions offering high-quality and durability, then you must ignore this myth completely. Best quality hair extensions are prepared from donors who have healthy, thick hair. Even these extensions are prepared from a single donor. For this reason, most of the high-quality hair extensions have a smooth texture, thick volume, and even color tone.

Myth 6 – Hair Extensions lack Compatibility with Active Lifestyles

While there are more other myths about hair extensions, but I will conclude with this one. If you wish to wear your hair extension to the gym, or you want to adorn them to a swimming pool party, then you can definitely apply them and wander around.

It all depends on the type of hair extensions you prefer applying. If you wear clip-in hair extensions then it is recommended to take them out before you sweat, but you can definitely wear them for a pool party. Similarly, tape in hair extensions is good to go during gym sessions or other sweaty activities.

Hair extensions are an integral part of the beauty industry. Hair experts have been using them since long in order to enhance the look and appearance of their models and celebs. We hope that all your myths about hair extensions are clear now.

So ladies, your dream of getting longer, thicker and beautiful hair is no more away. Just get these extensions adorned by experts and flaunt them gorgeously.