Super Foods

Do you experience days where you can’t concentrate as much as you try? While there’s no magic word that you can use to make you snap out of your low cognitive pit hole, there are certain foods and supplements you can combine to improve cognitive functioning of the brain, protect you against age-associated cognitive decline and encourage focus and clarity.

Stop right there, before you accuse me as talking mere conjecture, know that scientific studies have pointed on a relationship between what we swallow and how well we can perform important thinking and critical analysis for sustained periods of time.

While specific nutrients may assist the brain function, we also need to focus on our diets as a whole. I came across a study that associated diet high in saturated fats with actually causing damage to neurons that control energy and appetite. The test subjects were mites, of course, but this is so applicable to humans.

I have put together six of the top brain foods; I hope you will relate with my list.


Walnuts are packed with heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory nutrients. In fact, there are considered the only harmless nut source of alpha linolenic acid like reported by a nutritionist for BBC.

This in mind, walnuts promote the flow of blood, which in turn promotes the efficient supply of oxygen to the brain. Some lab rats with Alzheimer diseases were found to have improved memory and learning skills after they were regularly fed with Walnuts. It has also helped with children suffering from add and adhd

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great source of monounsaturated fats, which have been proven slow down brain aging. I didn’t do much research on this since it is popular within health circles.


Studies on Mice have long hinted a link between consumption of berries with brain health. But it is a recent study that opened our eyes to the real possibilities. The study revealed that a diet rich in blueberries, strawberries, and other berries resulted in a slower mental decline in areas like memory and focused in a large sample of same-aged humans.

Sardines and salmons

Fatty fish like salmon and sardines are a well-known source of brain power, thanks to their rich omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. EPA and DHA are known to lower the risk of dementia, improved focus, and memory.

Dietary supplements like provasil are known to be very rich in these omega-3 fatty acids. Constantly using provasil has resulted in benefits such as improved concentration, focus and better brain health and power


This is an age old sure way of boosting your brain. Classy people like me can’t do anything without a cup of coffee in the morning.

Caffeine is the mild stimulant behind the magic of coffee. It promotes mental acuity though I suppose you already know that. What you might not know is that we consume 120,000 tons of coffee each year.

Aside from caffeine’s brain propelling effects, coffee’s antioxidant qualities helps maintain optimal brain health. And some scientists suggest that drinking coffee can actually stave off depression in women.


Yeah, Popeye favorite diet made it to the top six. Spinach is a very rich antioxidant lutein source. This antioxidant lutein is known to help protect against cognitive decline.

Some clever peeps from Tufts University and the geniuses at Harvard Medical School found that women who consumed the leafiest green had a markedly lower rate of cognitive decline as they aged, compared to those who ate the least.

It is time to do the soul searching… where do you fall short? What can you do to improve your diet? Continue soul is searching… I gave you the list of what you need it is now up to you.