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5 Ways Your Mental Health Can Affect Reaching Orgasm


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Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

Knowing what’s right can significantly change how your mental health affects your sexual relationship. Losing an orgasm or not being able to have one because your mental health comes in the way can be very frustrating knowing how badly you need that release.


Reaching orgasm differs in every woman as some find it easy to climax than others and even have multiple orgasms, while it is quite impossible for others. This is not uncommon but have you stopped to think maybe something is getting in the way and finding ways to address it can help you determine how best to reach orgasm easily.

Some factors can negatively impact your ability to have an orgasm and can be treated once you learn to understand them. With patience and knowledge of how to handle those factors, you can find ways to reach full orgasm as women do.

1. Body dysmorphia

Also known as a body image issue is the psychiatric disorder where people become obsessed with a slight body imperfection, or they see flaws that really aren’t there. Body dysmorphia can be a fixation that could interfere with how you deal with day-to-day activities. No matter how good looking people say you look, you still only believe something is wrong with how you look.

This can weigh on your self-esteem in more ways than one and can also stop you from reaching orgasm each time you get into sexual relations with your partner. Body distortion disorder can cause you to be extremely self-conscious, and this can be distracting, making even foreplay unbearable. This distraction can ultimately lose your orgasm even when you bring yourself to having sex.

You need to learn to let go and trust your body to take its natural course. Doing this might guarantee you an orgasm, but this can happen if the mind isn’t distracted. Sex is a beautiful thing, and the thought would play less tricks if you trust your partner enough to please you completely. It should be considerably easier having more and more orgasms once you are able to calm your mind.

2. Anxiety

The levels of anxiety differ per person. There are different levels of anxiety and how they affect a person is different. People with anxiety might have difficulty achieving orgasm. Individuals who suffer from anxiety tend to have a lot of busy distracting thoughts in their mind, and this can deflect feelings of sexual arousal.

Thoughts of if your partner is enjoying the sex or if he finds you appealing enough might make you lose track of what you are doing. You should discuss with your partner about how you feel and figure out ways to go about managing the condition to help you enjoy sex enough to reach orgasm.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a chronic anxiety disorder that can trigger a fight-or-flight reaction in a person who has experienced or witnessed something traumatic. The traumatic experiences may include rape, injury or death.

PTSD can cause a massive problem in your relationship in the area of sex, hence interfering with your ability to be aroused to reaching orgasm.  It is worst if the trauma is sexually related as it heightens the traumatic thoughts in the individuals with PTSD.


4. Depression and antidepressants

It is not uncommon to find people with depression complain about their sexual experiences with their partner. Depression sucks the juice out of a healthy relationship when it’s time for sex, contributing to poor libido and inability to reach orgasm. However, It is worst when you’re taking antidepressants.

Almost every other antidepressant, but Wellbutrin, can make having an orgasm a difficulty. It is important to discuss with your physician about your condition and how best to manage it. You could also try more extended foreplay, excess stimulation and if you are into kinky sex and wouldn’t mind a bit of adventure, the use of sex toys such as vibrators and dildos isn’t such a bad idea.

5. When you have unrealistic expectations

You need to know that the media has a way of influencing our perception of reality for some things, especially things sexually related. Orgasm is definitely one of them.

The Television programs, internet videos, magazines and even porn gives women an unrealistic view of how orgasm should be or feel and most women actually miss it when their own orgasm occur because they already have a different mindset of how having an orgasm should be.

Not all orgasms are earth-shattering or have you wriggling on the bed from pleasure. It also doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it when it happens, that is, if you let it happen at all. The thing is, you might even have the ability to have multiple orgasms, but you would never know because you have conditioned your mind to think orgasm has been in certain ways that aren’t even related to how your body works. Your body is different from every other woman’s body, and it reacts even differently. Remember that.

Could not reaching orgasm be influenced by physical or mental factors?

A number of things can get in the way of “cumin” or “reaching orgasm”, and a common cause could be an overload of alcohol. Alcohol numbs the nervous system and impairs your ability to get full arousal. It is advised you reduce your alcohol intake if you want to fully enjoy sexual stimulation that would lead to having an orgasm.

The mental factors may include conditions that affect circulation or the nervous system. There are also medicines that impair sexual arousal and orgasm or a significant hormonal imbalance.

Conditions that can affect circulation may include diabetes, heart diseases, vascular heart and this health conditions can deaden orgasm. Also note the types of antidepressants you use as you stand the chance of sexual arousal and even orgasm blocked if you take meds such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, even though they help in making you feel happy.

Nonetheless, if none of these factors applies to you, you should consider the emotional and mental factors that are making reaching orgasm a difficulty. It is best to communicate with your partner or a mental health therapist to help get at the root of why you might be missing out on orgasms.

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