While many forms of exercise may be associated with changing your body in some way, yoga is a practice that can help you to love your body exactly as it is. Here, we take a look at how introducing a regular yoga practice into your routine can greatly improve body positivity and help you on your personal journey.

Develop strength

Yoga is a practice which encourages you to form and hold postures, which allows you to build your physical strength over time. The idea isn’t to alter your shape or size but to naturally increase your ability and precision. If you don’t believe that your body is strong, then yoga will quickly change your mind as you continue with your practice – all without pushing yourself too hard.

Manage anxiety

While yoga is a great way to get in touch with your body, it also provides you with valuable techniques that can help with anxiety management. Thinking negatively about your body can cause a huge amount of anxiety which can be hard to get under control. Panicking over these feelings is counter-productive, and yoga practice teaches you to develop breathing techniques that ease the pain and calm you during hard moments. Managing your anxiety and negative feelings effectively can make challenging times easier and return you to a place of body positivity.

Focus on the present

Body positivity can mean not spending too much time thinking about the way things have been or the way things could be – but accepting how things are. Being in the moment can be difficult, but yoga provides a manageable yet challenging physical activity that encourages you to focus on the moment you are in and how your body feels in the present. This increased emphasis on the moment will let you appreciate your body and be grateful for what you can do.

Look inward not outward

Some exercise-based activities encourage you to focus on things that are outside of yourself. Perhaps you are taking a look around the gym and seeing how much further along a fitness journey your friend is, or you have bad memories of team sports. But not all exercise has to harm your body positivity, and yoga is a great example of positive movement. Yoga is not competitive and with simple, repetitive movements, you can focus on your own thoughts and development rather than trying to improve consistently.

Reveal your abilities

Feeling at peace and at home in your body means focusing on your abilities and possibilities, rather than things that are not possible or too challenging. Yoga can be adapted to match your pace and reveal what you can achieve, looking at what your body is capable of exactly as you are.

Yoga is for everyone and can truly benefit you as you learn to develop a better relationship with your body. If you are seeking more ways to support your body positivity journey, then Bulk can provide nutritional help with fantastic products and guidance.