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5 Ways to Speed Up Muscle Growth


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Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

Recently joined a gym and want to know how to speed up your muscle growth progress? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I have been working out for several years and have put together 10 tips to help beginners speed up their progress in a safe yet effective way.


Let’s dive right into it!

1 – Try Using Supplements

Supplements are a great way to speed up muscle growth. There are many different supplements available on the market. But, of course, not all of them work.

A lot of supplement companies just want to drain your wallet instead of supplying a good and effective product.

It took me a while to find supplements that really work when it comes to helping with adding muscle mass. Personally, I’ve had great results with powerful supplements by Crazybulk.

They supply products that have thousands of positive user reviews and the formulation is top-notch. Read a Crazy bulk review and you’ll start to understand how strong they are.

Other products worth using are Branched-chain amino acids, pre-workout, and protein powders.

2 – Improve Your Rest

It’s very important to get enough rest after a workout. In case you didn’t know, recovery is crucial if you want to build quality muscle mass. We recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day. If you’re not sleeping enough, it can interfere with your muscle growth.

3 – Switch Up Your Routine

If you’ve been following the same workout routine for a while it might be a good idea to switch it up. Try hitting certain body parts twice a week to help break through a plateau.

Or perhaps, increase the number of repetitions you are doing for certain exercises.


Instead of doing 8 reps on a bicep curl, try aiming for 12 to 15 per set. By doing so, you will shock the muscle as it isn’t expecting the additional overload. It’s also a good idea to get a training partner that can help you go beyond failure.

This will break down additional muscle fibers which result in more mass.

4 – Fix Your Diet

Diet is extremely important when it comes to gaining muscle. Calculate how much protein you need and try to reach that goal every single day. If you aren’t getting in enough calories, you’ll gain muscle at a very slow rate.

Based on my personal experience, it’s a good idea to get at least 1g of protein per lb of body weight. So, if you are 150lbs you need at least 150 grams of protein a day. Good protein sources are chicken, eggs and whey powder.

5 – Avoid Stress

Stress can have a huge impact on the growth of your muscles and health. When you have high levels of stress, the hormone called cortisol increases which is something you want to avoid. High cortisol levels have shown to reduce the amount of muscle mass.

If you want to prioritize muscle and strength gains, it’s important to stay stress-free!

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