Foot Surgery

When you’re told that you are going to have foot surgery, you know that this is going to require a recovery period. Thankfully, if you have a little bit of notice ahead of time, you can truly prepare. With the proper precautions and steps put into action, foot surgery can run as smooth as possible.

Step One: Gather Up Help

When you have foot surgery, you are going to need to surround yourself with individuals who will help you out at home. Whether than means lining up someone to drive you to and from your doctor appointments or bringing someone in to cook your meals every day.

There’s a lot that you used to be able to do that will now be much more difficult or even impossible. That’s why you should ask either a family member or close friend to spend a couple of days with you taking care of whatever tasks you may need help with.

Step Two: Get What Needs to Be Done Ahead of Time

Once you have your foot surgery performed, you’re not going to be nearly as mobile as you were before. To combat this issue, if you have a job where you can work ahead, do it. You don’t want your foot surgery to cause you to fall behind in any area of your life.

This includes everything from paying bills in advance to cooking meals and then stacking them in the freezer.

Step Three: Choose the Right Modern Mobility Product

According to Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, with any kind of foot surgery, you will need to see a foot specialist. During this time, most doctors will choose to send you home with crutches. However, they are a lot harder to maneuver than they seem.

If you have difficulty using them, talk to your foot specialist about other options. There are so many different kinds of modern mobility devices you can use like a seated scooter or walker.

Step Four: Organize Your Recovery Station

Since most foot surgeries require patients to spend a lot of time on the couch or in bed, it’s crucial that you set up a recovery station nearby with all of your favorite, most-needed items. This obviously includes products like books, snacks, a phone charger and the TV remote. With these items by your side, you won’t have to keep getting up for every little thing.

Step Five: Plan Out Your Recovery

When you get out of your foot surgery, you may find yourself too tired to truly think straight. That’s why you must plan your recovery ahead of time.

Learn what medications you have to take and write out a schedule of when you need to take them. Besides this, draft out a physical therapy schedule so that you know how often you have to exercise at home.

Foot surgery can definitely feel crippling, but if you prepare yourself right, it doesn’t have to be. With these five steps in motion, your recovery will be smooth sailing.