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5 Ways to Naturally Relief and Prevent Constipation

Constipation is one of the conditions that the patients feel quite embarrassed to talk about. However the sooner they talk to a health practitioner about it, the easier it would be to treat.

To avoid the tedious healing process, there are basic lifestyle tips and eating habits that would help greatly with the constipation. The following are 5 of the major ways that would prevent and/or relief constipation much faster;

Ensure the food intakes contain plenty of fiber

Fiber is a part of the plant that is not digested. Instead, it stays in your body and adds bulk as well as softening the stool. Fiber can be found in foods such as;

  • Whole meal or whole-wheat bread, biscuits or flour.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain breakfast cereals
  • Brown rice and whole meal spaghetti or any other whole meal pasta.

Although the effects of eating these fibers may not be seen outright, i.e. it can take up to 4 weeks and as your gut becomes used to these fibers, you may experience bloating which tends to settle in a few weeks. It is thus recommended that you fiber intake gradually.

Take plenty of water

It is recommended that you should take at least 2 liters of water every day. As much as there is lots of water passed through urine, some of it will go to the guts thus softening the stool.

Water is strictly recommended as use of other fluids such as alcohol may lead to dehydration. Taking foods rich in fiber as well as water, it helps in preventing blockage of the gut.

Include foods that contain naturally occurring sugars in your diet

These foods are not digested and instead, they draw water into the gut and they work towards softening the stool.

Some of the foods that contain these sugars are; apples, apricots, grapes, peaches, prunes. Dried fruits contain 5-10 times the concentration of sugars and they are good snacks easily packed for transport.

Exercise as often as possible

Keeping your body fit and active keeps the gut moving. People who are disabled and/or bed-bound people are more prone to constipation. If able, it is recommended that you should seek to exercise everyday.

Toilet-going routines

You should never ignore the urge of going to the toilet no matter how busy you are. Suppressing this feeling only results to backlog of stools which may be difficult to pass later.

It is therefore important that when you go to the toilet, it should be unhurried and give it enough time so that the bowels can be fully emptied.

For the people who are disabled and/or their movement is limited, their care- givers should ensure that they have sufficient help to get to the toilet at the time they want to and their toilet routine, just like those who have unlimited mobility, should not be hurried and should have maximum privacy.

Due to the gastrocolic reflex, it is important to go to the toilet early in the morning and about 30 minutes after a meal. This is because the movement of stools through the lower bowels is greatest in the morning and after meals.

In addition to have a regular toileting routine, positioning of the toilet is also very important. The modern toilet design makes things to be a bit difficult. Squatting is a recommended way of passing stools.

Above are some of the known 12 natural home remedies to relief constipation quickly; other remedies include; use of lemon and water, use of the natural aloe Vera, use of Epsom salt, prunes, baking soda, etc.

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