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5 Ways to Improve Your Sexual Life

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The pleasures achieved from sex cannot be over emphasised, not even when sexual intercourse seems predictable. Sexual stamina tends to depreciate in a person as they grow older, and these pleasures that should be felt with sex starts reducing. So, the need to improving sexual satisfaction becomes important.

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Many men fall into the category that search for improved sexual performance, and this situation should not be treated with shyness to avoid extreme effects like erectile dysfunction. There are simple practices that can lead you back to an enjoyable sexual life, so let’s share these five ways that can improve sexual experience and libido.

Sex Communication

Communication is one of the important factors for every relationship; and communicating comfortably about your sexual activities with your partner is the first and one of the most effective steps to improving your active sexual life. This practice helps to eliminate feelings of shame, resentment, hurt and guilt; and it gives partners the opportunity to deal with sensitive subjects.

It is best to confide in your sexual partner and inform him/her/whatever about every physical change in your body because they share your body with you during sex, so any surprising changes may instigate some misunderstanding.

Success with communication in sex involves knowing the best time to initiate a conversation; there are different sexual topics that should be discussed in different settings. The first kind is the topic that can be discussed in the bedroom, and the second kind is the one to be discussed outside the bedroom. You could mention things that feel good as the intercourse is going on; but you will need to wait for the best time outside the bedroom to begin bigger conversations about challenges of orgasm, unsatisfactory positions, etc.

Talking to your partner concerning how to turn you on will most definitely improve your sexual life. They will be completely certain about the pleasures you want to feel, and can easily help give you the best feelings as more talk go through with time. It will pay the both of you more if you are honest and caring especially when it comes to sexual intercourse.


The popular saying that ‘you are what you eat’, is very correct with health applications, and good health is completely favourable to improved sexual life. Therapists have recorded that the best sexual experience can be attained at lowered blood pressure, proper circulation of blood, and no stress.

Eating foods like peanuts and kidney beans provide the body with vitamin B1 which maintains the nervous system, and ensures that signals move properly. Banana is also a good food rich in potassium, and it focuses on lowering blood pressure which is best for sexual intercourse.

The most important nutritional practice to adopt for improved sexual performance is learning to eat balanced diet. You will need food that is rich in all the good nutrients and many other nutrients including omega-3 like avocado and salmon that contributes to increased blood circulation; also, onion and garlic assist in this function too.


Experts always recommend exercises to be very vital to sexual stamina and strength. The task of being sexually active requires regular exercise to keep the body fit for the increased level of heart rate which sex induces.

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Swimming is a good kind of exercise that helps you to control breathing and heartbeat; yoga also helps with flexibility that is needed for spontaneous sexual positions and stamina. Blood flow in the body can be improved through regular fitness exercises, and you may want to engage in exercises like running and others with your partner to develop more connection between the both of you.

Active Fun and Touch Sensation

Sexual intercourse give a high level of pleasure when there is optimal performance from both partners. The fun has to be adequate in sexual activities, and this can only be introduced by the persons involved.

You may not achieve fun with predictable sexual routines until you include creative activities like turning chores into foreplay, having sexual intercourse on the floor of the sitting room, etc. Always caress gently with every touch and physical contact you make.

Your relationship and interactions outside the bedroom matters a lot to the fun concept. You should engage in challenging adventures with your partner and promise a thrilling sexual experience as the reward for winning. These fun activities always create exciting memories to hold onto during the heat of the ride.

Erectile Pills And Other Extracts

When we mention support, we tend to talk about additional things like sex toys, lubricants and drugs that help provide pleasure in various forms during sex.

There are health situations like quick ejaculation, weak erection and erectile dysfunction that require erectile pills to be managed and gradually treated. The basic function of these generic erection pills are to stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs and allow for pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Other sex extras like lubricants help to prevent injuries from harsh sex especially when the woman is in perimenopause where there is reduced fluid supply for sexual intercourse. Sex toys may be considered for situations where spontaneous sexual adventures are craved, but these ideas have to be discussed properly between partner.

The final guide everyone needs in the sexual life experience is that you have to stay in control of your feelings; make the connection, and express your expectations. This always guides sexual partners to an improved sexual life.

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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