5 Ways to Help Fight Common Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy is a difficult time for mothers in many different ways. While you might be fortunate enough to avoid many of the common and unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, including morning sickness, heartburn, and the like, you will likely encounter strong cravings or aversions towards food.

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While sometimes these can simply be mild annoyances, they can also cause significant stress for some expectant mothers. There are many different foods that are commonly associated with pregnancy cravings.

Most of the time, however, these cravings will be for foods that are high in fat or high in sugar. You might even find that your interest in fast food skyrockets during pregnancy.

While none of these items is harmful in moderation, it is important to be able to resist the urge to consume them as much as you feel like. Let’s look at five specific ways that you can fight common pregnancy cravings.

Find A Distraction

Especially if you are experiencing cravings within the context of a sufficient and well-balanced diet, it is important that you distract yourself with something else when these sensations arise.

This can involve taking a brief walk, reading a book, calling a friend, or even watching television. Find something that is sufficiently stimulating enough to allow you to forget about your food craving.

Eat Frequently

To keep your hunger for any foods at bay, make sure that there is always something in your stomach. Eating smaller meals more frequently will provide you with relief from extreme cravings for food. This is also a great solution for combatting heartburn during pregnancy.

Leave The Dirt On The Ground

In some rare cases, mothers may have cravings for non-food items such as clay or dirt. While this really is not a common condition during pregnancy, it is known as pica and does impact some women during this time.

Naturally, eating dirt is not beneficial for your health in any way. Even if the urge to consume these items is strong, you need to consult with a doctor right away to treat this condition.

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Watch Your Intake Of Unhealthy Foods

Many times, pregnant mothers will crave foods that are not very healthy. This might include fast food items that are high in fat and contain little nutritional value.

While consuming these items might satisfy a craving, they will do little to benefit the development of your baby. They will also compromise your health and well-being if consumed too regularly.

Use moderation and common sense when developing your eating habits during pregnancy.

Do Not Act On Cravings That Are Negative

Indulging in cravings for substances that are harmful to a developing baby is never a good idea. Though these cravings may be strong, it is important to wait until your pregnancy is over to start consuming some of these things again.

This includes alcohol, raw or rare meat, runny eggs, and some types of fish with high mercury content.

Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Pregnancy Cravings

The more you know about why you are having particular cravings, the easier it will be to deal with them. Many believe that pregnant women crave those foods that contain elements that their bodies are lacking.

However, the scientific evidence is still not conclusive as to whether this is the case or not. Often, cravings are simply the result of hormonal changes that occur during a pregnancy.

Continue to do some research if your cravings are negatively contributing to your pregnancy experience. Make sure to consult with a physician if they become severely uncomfortable or make it difficult to conduct your normal day-to-day activities.

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