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5 Ways to Handle your Children Losing their Teeth

A child’s baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, start to become loose and fall out naturally as a way of making room for the child’s permanent teeth around the age of six. The timing of this event can vary.

For the most part, boys take longer to lose their baby teeth than girls do. A child will usually lose the last of his or her baby teeth around the age of 12.

The order the teeth grow in is generally the same order in which they fall out. When a child has a baby tooth come out because of an accident or tooth decay, there is a danger that a permanent could grow in too soon, causing it to grow in crooked because there is not enough space.

Let’s take a look at some things parents should do when their children begin to lose their baby teeth:

1. Go to a pediatric dentist

According to Smile Reef, an experienced kid’s dentist in the Las Vegas Valley, when your child starts losing their baby teeth is a critical time in your child’s dental health.

If there is something that is not right in your child’s mouth, it is important that you find out about it as soon as possible. The dentist can examine your child’s teeth and gums to make sure there are no problems in areas where teeth have fallen out.

Areas where new teeth have started to grow in can also be checked to ensure there is enough space so they won’t grow in crooked.

2. Comfort your child when they experience bleeding

While children are losing their baby teeth, they will inevitably experience bleeding to varying degrees. It is important that you make them understand that this is perfectly normal and they have nothing to worry about. Explain to your child that every person loses their teeth and it is a natural thing.

3. Help your child to brush his or her teeth

Oral hygiene is always important, but especially when children are losing their baby teeth. When a tooth falls out, there is essentially an open wound in their mouth. Therefore, keeping the mouth clean and free of germs during this time is essential to avoid infection.

4. Sweet foods

Prevent your child from eating foods that will cause tooth decay, such as soda and candy, at bedtime and between meals. This will teach them good eating habits for when they grow older. It will also teach them how to best take care of their teeth and dental hygiene.

5. Fluoride

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments will help to prevent your child’s teeth from decaying. Make sure your child’s dentist is performing these treatments the next time you visit the dentist. You can also do your own fluoride treatments at home. Some cities even have a fluoride treatment in the water system.

It is a natural phase that your child goes through when they start losing their baby teeth. For the most part your kids will enjoy the experience because they will have something to look forward to, especially if you allow them to believe in the tooth fairy.

Enjoy the experience with them because as they go through it, it has the potential to leave you with long lasting memories of your children growing up.

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