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5 Ways to Get Natural Soft and Smooth Pink Lips

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Lips are the main part of our face as well as our body. To get natural soft and smooth lips with pink or red color is the dream which many women get everyday.

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But dreams are always dreams. Women spend lots of money for their hair &  face. But what if their lips are unvalued. Taking care of the lips are the most imoportant factor of good looks of any person.

Start caring to get natural soft & smooth pink lips now with these 5 amazing ways.

1) Milk & Honey can help you to get soft lips

Milk & honey are used from many decays to solve many human body problems. Both can be used to increase the beauty of our face as well as our lips. Milk & honey are used as natural medicine.

When we apply the mixture of milk and honey upon & around our lips this mixture goes deep inside our lips and activate our dead cells. It will increase the softness of our lips.

2) Lemon & orange massage can help you get pink lips

We used lemon or orange as a fruit everyday but we never think that it can also help us to make our lips glow.

Actually lemon is a small yellow color fruit which contains citric acid. When we slowly do massage from these fruits, the dust and harmful particles are washed from our lips. But if you have a cut or cracked lips we don’t suggest you to apply this method.

3) Lip balm or petroleum jelly can help you to get smooth lips

Sometimes in winter due to cold environment our lips go weird, it looks dry. What can we do in this condition? I suggest you to use Lip balm or petroleum jelly in this condition.

Actually this petroleum jelly creates an extra layer to protect you lips which will help you out from dryness of lips and make your lips smooth.

4) Stop smoking & get red lips

Smoking is very bad habit of men as well as women. If you are smoking then you are harming your own.

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Smoking creates an extra layer of carbon over your lips which will look your lips black. If you stop smoking then as time goes, black particles over your lips also removed. So stop smoking right now to get red lips.

5) Rose Petals can make your your lips pink

Rose which is the most famous flower which is usually used to give boy friends and girl friends can also make your lips pink glowing and smooth. How? you just have to crush some rose petals and have to mix it with cream or lip balm.

After mixing it you have to apply it over your lips. This mixture will you to get most smooth lips.

Pink Lips
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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