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5 Ways to Avoid Painful Tattoo Regrets

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You certainly would’ve come across many tattoo mistakes that you laughed over! So, let’s make sure you don’t become a joke.

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Getting a tattoo can be quite exciting and thrilling for its growing popularity, but a majority of the people eventually regret it and resort to cover-ups or laser tattoo removals. Fixing tattoos and removing them can cost way more than the tattoo itself; is it worth it?

People who cannot afford a tattoo removal procedure will live with it regretting forever and who can, must still bear the pain of the laser procedure. Neither of which is worth ending up with. A tattoo that speaks about you, about your passion and your values are some of the safest tattoos and can barely go wrong. A tattoo mistake, bad studio choice, change of liking for what the tattoo speaks are few reasons people regret tattoos.

So here are 5 ways you can make sure you have the most certain and best tattoo which you will never regret.

Think before You Ink

Getting yourself inked is quite a mature decision and being very certain about it is as important as taking care of your health. However, the risks aren’t t limited to health, but also the change of mind-set results in tattoo regrets. So, you need to think well before getting a tattoo and be sure about it. It certainly is quite cool and bold enough to get a tattoo, but the question is would you in a few years’ time still want it on your skin?

Never hesitate to put extra thought to your tattoo! Do you really want it? Why? Where on the body? Is it practical? Does the design reflect me? Let these questions ring and be convinced.

Research Surely Helps

Research is crucial for almost all decisions that are taken; it also includes reasoning for deciding what to wear or what car to choose. Whatever be the decision, we consciously or unconsciously do some research. Getting a tattoo is quite a big decision while considering that human interest and opinions can be easily influenced over time; hence some effort to find the best decision to resort to is the safest move. First understand what you want to represent or speak, then look into the various types of tattoos and designs that find the best options for shaping your tattoo idea. This will open up new ideas and options for you to choose from and enhance your tattoo design.

The most important exposure you can get is from a community of tattoo fanatics and artists. Sufficient tattoo designs, popular trends and cautions will help you be aware in the process of your next tattoo. Get ample exposure to shape your tattoo the best possible way.

Don’t forget to look for good and reputed tattoo studios in your society, if they aren’t any nearby, it’s worth the travel.

Test a Temporary Tattoo

If you think about the number of decisions you changed that you were convinced about, most assuredly you can barely remember them for how often it happens. Change is normal, but taking the same risk with a permanent tattoo can cost a lot! So to save your time and regret, get a temporary tattoo done on your skin and let it stay for a month or more.

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It is a good way to see if you actually want it; because if it fries you up in just a few months, a lifelong tattoo can make things worse. Laser tattoo can be an option unless you plan on removing your permanent tattoo with extra pain in a few years. And yeah, paying way more than what your tattoo cost.

Don’t Go By the Price

A tattoo is one thing you should never consider to comprise on for a low cost. If you find a low priced studio, don’t think you got lucky! Because, you get what you pay for, and the materials used can cause infections with no certainty of perfection. A tiny tattoo can cost you over 50$ to over few months’ rent for a large tattoo. And the moment you get a quick appointment for your first sitting, know that you will need to wait long enough for a good tattoo artist. Ultimately, your skin is way more precious than your desire to get a tattoo, and it is not worth any infection and mistake.
It is always good to gather enough for the cost if it is high and then surely opt for ink because good ink can save you way more money than you could spend on fixing that messed up tattoo.

Take Sufficient Time

Ultimately, the best thing that you can do is, take extra time once you fix on your decision to see if it is still as strong it was when you made it. Things change with time and so do people’s opinions and choices, a good way to test your tattoo intentions strength. No matter how much research you did or the amount you are willing to spend on it, if you don’t test it with time, it can be quite a compromise.

The fact that many people choose to get inked itself shows their motivation and surety, but not all stand to it forever. In the recent decade the cases of tattoo removals and have increased tremendously and tattoo artists wish they were sure for every tattoo that is regretted.

Forever! Permanent ink! Laser removal costs a lot! Let these ring so you make a wise tattoo decision.

Author Bio:

Freelance Writer, Nail Art Expert, Tattoo adviser and a Part Time Musician.
Referred for everything related to nail art with a vision to help women catch up and equip themselves with the pace at which nail art is advancing today. Gained adequate experience in the tattoo industry and establishing a platform for wise tattoo decisions through writing.

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