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You might have already heard how air conditioning can deliver numerous benefits for your well-being. It could improve your respiration, relieve congestion, and even help you sleep better. But did you know that AC units could also provide positive effects for your mental health as well?

That’s right! In addition to the physical benefits of having AC, there are also a number of mental health benefits that come along with it. From reducing stress to boosting your mood, read on to learn five unexpected mental health benefits of having an air conditioner.

5 Unexpected Mental Health Benefits of Having an Air Conditioner

According to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, being in a room with a moderate temperature can help improve focus and memory. In the study, participants who were in a room with a moderate temperature outperformed those in a hot or cold room on tests of attention and working memory. So what are the merits for mental health that stem from sleeping in the cold?

Benefit #1 – Reduce Stress

It’s been proven that working in environments with high temperatures can significantly increase the amount of stress people feel. Just like a pressure cooker, the additional heat of a space that isn’t air conditioned can increase the level of agitation a person feels, ramping up stress levels. Perspiration is the physical manifestation of this stress, and this effect only adds to the perception of being stuck in a situation that’s less than ideal.

Benefit #2 – Elevated Mood

Living and working in spaces that are comfortably cool just plain feels better. It’s much easier to feel relaxed and happy when you aren’t constantly wiping sweat from your brow. Air conditioning helps boost the moods of people by taking their minds off of physical discomfort so they can simply enjoy whatever activity they’re involved in. From chilling to working, AC units help make everything more enjoyable, resulting in an elevated mood.

Benefit #3 – Increased Productivity

Another key benefit for people’s mental health that air conditioning can provide is increased productivity. It’s been found in numerous studies that work output increases significantly when people are working in environments that are cool and comfortable compared with hot and miserable. Without a doubt, people accomplish more when they’re working in a space that’s sufficiently air conditioned rather than sweltering hot.

Benefit #4 – Improved Focus

When you’re trying to get things done, being stuck in a hot, sticky room can make it next to impossible to concentrate. With air conditioning, it’s much easier to focus on the task at hand, whether it be artwork for personal pleasure or finalizing an important report for your boss. If you’ve got sweat running down your face while trying to work, it can feel like a constant struggle to stay focused. Air conditioning can turn this situation around immediately.

Benefit #5 – Reduce Anxiety

Feeling anxious is a hell most of us would prefer to avoid at all costs. When anxiety sets in, whether due to life circumstances or chemical imbalances in the brain, adding heat only makes matters worse. Heat can increase your heart rate and affect hormone production, fueling the natural internal contributing factors for anxiety symptoms. If anxiety is a common problem for you, consider reducing the temperature in your most commonly occupied rooms with air conditioning.

Adding Air Conditioning To Your Home or Office

So what are some of the ways you can add air conditioning to your home or office to reap the mental health rewards of cooler indoor environments? We’ve rounded up three options for smaller spaces like a bedroom, home office, or efficiency apartment. Evaporative cooling fans, window air conditioners, and Wall AC Units. Let’s look at each next.

AC Option 1 – Evaporative Cooling Fans

Evaporative cooling systems work by spraying a fine mist of water across and airflow to produce a cooling effect. These simple air conditioners are great for areas that have low humidity and high energy costs.

AC Option 2 – Window Air Conditioners

If you live in a small apartment or have a bedroom that’s often too hot for quality sleep, window air conditioners can provide a cost-effective option. Installation is fast and straightforward, and all you’ll need to do is periodically clean the air filter to maintain it.

AC Option 3 – PTAC Units

For people who work or live in small to medium size spaces like a home office or garage apartment, Wall air conditioners are one of the best ways to cool the place down quickly. This type of air conditioner sort of looks like an oversized window air conditioner that goes through the wall. In one self-contained unit, a PTAC provides powerful cooling for creating an optimal environment for peace, tranquility, and productivity. 

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