Hearing Health

Hearing loss is associated with aging and genetics. You might have heard it a lot. However, this is a health issue anyone may come across in a certain phase of life. But the good newsis you can act proactively to ensure your hearing remains sharp.

So, why not minimize the fear of having hearing problems when you can make some efforts to improve it?

Besides having the hearing protection Colorado Springs offers, you can boost your hearing ability in the following ways:

Consult A Hearing Healthcare Specialist

It seems like a no-brainer. But the truth is that treating your ears without a professional’s advice may ruin your hearing health. You don’t want that, of course. Therefore, ask a reputed healthcare practitioner to evaluate your hearing ability.

Are you really going through hearing loss? Or is it just the clogged ear that’s making all the confusion? A quick hearing evaluation will make things clearer.

Plus, the practitioner will suggest if you should also schedule an appointment with a sinus specialist just in case your sinus issues are interfering with your hearing ability. That’s when you should consider visiting balloon sinuplasty in Waterbury for more information.

Eat For Your Ears


It’s no surprise that vitamins and minerals are essential for the functioning of the vital organs of our body. The same goes for our ears.

Just like calcium does wonders for the bones, there are certain nutrients that specifically nourish the tissues of the ears. The result is a boost in the hearing ability.

Having potassium-rich foods regulate the fluid in the inner ear, the part that converts noise into the form the brain infers as sound.

It means that potassium affects the quality of our auditory system. Foods rich in this essential nutrient include spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, bananas, oranges, milk, and yogurt.

Zinc is another ear-friendly nutrient that helps ward off the bacteria that cause ear infections. You can fill your grocery basket with beef, oats, beans, lentils, almonds, coconut flakes, and cashews the next time you shop for some zinc-rich foods that help you hear clearly.  

Say No To Loud Volume

Constant exposure to loud noises may slowly kill your hearing ability. However, you can prevent noise-inducing hearing loss by moving away from the environment where it’s impossible to turn off the loud volume.

Wearing the right hearing protection beforehand also works in situations when it’s not appropriate to move away.

Increase Your Physical Activity

Women involved in lower levels of physical activity were more likely to face hearing loss in a research study. This indicates that indulging in the right exercise is linked with hearing as it improves blood circulation in the brain and ears.

The blood flow improves the quality of the tiny cells of the inner ear, and hence, improves hearing health.

You don’t have to start a rigorous workout right away, though. Taking a 30-minute walk four times a week is a good idea. Make sure to check with your health practitioner before starting any exercise regime.     

Quit Smoking

Carbon monoxide and nicotine present in cigarettes tighten the blood vessels, depriving the inner ear of the oxygen it needs to keep the hair cells healthy. This may also prevent your auditory nerves from processing sounds, thereby leading to hearing loss.

Though you’ll get numerous reasons to throw away that cigarette, the link between smoking and hearing loss will motivate you to kick the habit.

The Takeaway

The key is to be consistent in your efforts. That’s why you should implement all of the above tips instead of just picking one. It will be complex to follow all of these at once but you’ll be able to do it in one go. All it requires is changing your mindset and planning every single day accordingly.