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List of 5 Super Effective Cardio Exercises for Back Pain


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Exercise is proven to be a fruitful and efficient treatment for back pain relief. Additionally, exercises can also help you to eliminate the risks of future back pain by keeping your back muscles stronger and healthier.


However, not all exercises are suitable for back pain individuals. High impact exercises can worsen this situation which only means that low impact exercises should be performed to ease back pain. Low impact cardio is one type of exercise that can help you greatly in treating back pain problems. Cardio will improve blood flow and also loosen your joints. A simple running, light jogging, walking, and swimming will do for cardio conditioning.

Types of back pain

Back pain can either be chronic or acute, and both of the two kinds can totally throw your routine out of gear.

Chronic back pain

chronic back pain occurs for a variety of reasons i.e. joints inflammation, disc impairment and arthritis. You can only establish these causes after a series of test and scans. This type of back pain also tends to wallop you and takes longer to treat.

Acute back pain

acute back pain, on the other hand, comes on suddenly but does not persist for long. In most cases, acute back pain occurs as a result of injuries to the back through a fall, lifting heavy objects or accidents. In other words, acute backs occur for a reason, and the causes are visible unlike for chronic back pain.

Benefits of cardiovascular exercises for back pain

Cardio conditioning is essential for maintaining a healthy body and alleviating back pain. Moreover, cardio also helps to loosen tight spots and;

  • improve your sleep quality
  • burn calories thus reducing weight
  • Helps to regulate insulin levels
  • Increase your overall body energy
  • Enhance your brain activity

Therefore, including these 5 cardio exercises in your regular workout routine, you can achieve both short term and as well as long-term relief for back pain


Swimming is one of the best exercises for strengthening and loosening back muscles. Furthermore, swimming serves as an effective cardiovascular exercise for relieving constant back pain.  Unlike other high-intensity training exercises, swimming does not involve bouncing or pounding, and therefore it will work great to alleviate your back pain problems.
All you need to do is to incorporate swimming into your workout routine and start slow. A few laps for a start and increase this gradually.


Cycling is every so often recommended as one of the best exercises to build a strong and lean body. It strengthens all the vital body organs, hands, arms, shoulders, chest, hips, thighs, knees, legs, and back. Cycling, whether stationary or outdoor cycling can help ease back pain problems. For best results, use a bike that has moveable handles as these help you to complete cardiovascular conditioning without putting any negative impact on your back.


For this exercise, you should also start slow and increase speed if your body responds to it well.


Treadmilling is also a great exercise proven to give excellent results in relieving back pain. If you have problems with your back, then you need to start with a treadmill. Start with the lowest speed and for a short duration and then increase the speed and time length gradually.

By doing this, you will realize that your back problems like stiffness and soreness are easing out progressively. For the first time though you might feel sore the next day, just don’t give up yet. Keep up with the treadmilling as it helps with back pain.


Walking pregnancy

Several studies indicate that walking several hours a day can significantly help to relieve back pain problems. Brisk walking is relatively less strenuous and thus works best to build cardio and muscle strength.

Walking is also best recommended as it is easy to fit it in your, however, busy schedule. Just moderate walking around your block, to the store, to work if your workplace is close by can help to increase your endurance.


JoggingAlthough jogging can be tedious especially for people with chronic back pain, slow jogging can also help to strengthen and condition your back muscles. So, if you can do withstand it, jog slowly a few hours every day and see how your body responds to it.


Including cardio exercises in your daily lifestyle can significantly improve your overall health. Your spine and the discs between your vertebrae need constant movement to stay strong and healthy. So by performing cardio, you send oxygen, necessary nutrients, and improve blood flow to your back area all which are essential for maintaining a healthy and pain-free back.

Author Bio:


Kelly is the founder of RegularityFitness, where she and associates blog about the best fitness exercises, weight loss methods, diet, muscle building. That will help you get a good shape and healthy. You can also connect with Kelly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellyregularit1

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