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5 Simple Steps to Make Your Hair Healthy and Strong

If you are one of them who thinks that your hair doesn’t need to stay healthy just like your whole body then you are unquestionably wrong. Hair is as important component of your body as others. You need to take care of it not just to enhance your visual appearance but also improve its functionality.

There has been an ever-increasing awareness of keeping your hair healthy and strong. Beauty salons are now coming up with new products and techniques to ensure healthy hair. But there is no need to undergo an ultra-expensive treatment to get the hair that everyone desires.

A combination of natural and salon-driven methods can make your hair healthy and strong. Here are five simple steps in which this can be done:

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is the first and foremost thing you must keep in mind. Healthy diet doesn’t only ensure better bodily function but also makes your hair healthy and strong. Eat different kinds of food that are good for your hair’s health. Incorporate fish, vegetables, lean meat and fruits in your regular diet. The food you eat determines how good your hair looks.

Cleaning up the diet can result into miracles. Make sure you are getting enough protein for your hair. Protein makes your hair strong and thick. Also get rid of processed foods. Get natural and organic food since we don’t want chemicals for your body.

Don’t wash your hair regularly

This might be a surprising step for most individuals. There is a wide misconception that washing your hair everyday can keep your health soft and healthy.

This question might be rolling in your head but there is an explanation. Washing your hair everyday can deprive it of natural oils which are essential for your hair to grow longer and stay healthy. Wash your hair 3-4 times a week. You can use shampoo for thinning hair and conditioners to make it soft.

Do not use heat

This is an honest opinion, or rather an established fact that using heat can ruin your hair quality. At some point or another, we have heard that using heat on our hair can destroy them. Using heat tools can damage our hair.

It causes dry hair, split ends and can even result into hair loss. Try to style your hair naturally. Allow it to air dry or use cool settings when blow-drying your hair. Try heatless curls. This ensures that your hair look beautiful without damaging it. However, you can use it once a week. You can also use hair protectants to keep it safe from potential damages.

Get rid of chemicals

This is a no-brainer. Chemicals are not good for your hair. Try to keep everything as natural as possible. Many hair products promise you to keep them beautiful throughout your life but there are chemicals that may damage your hair.

Instead of using a hair-straightener, try using natural oils. It will surely nourish your scalp. Coconut oil can be amazing. The oil prevent gross hair. Rather than just coating the outside, it penetrates inside the hair to your scalp.

The best thing about these oils are that they are way cheaper than expensive hair products. The results are better and natural as well. It nourishes your hair in an unparalleled manner.

Let your hair down

Keeping your hair tight all the time is not only uncomfortable but also bad for its health. Constantly wearing ponytails and tight buns will damage your hair. Let your hair down. Pulling your hair upwards all the time can weaken it dramatically.

The strain it causes is primary reason for hair loss. If you want to keep your hair from coming again and again on your face, then try loose ponytails. You can look for different ideas over the Internet to make your hair look more visually appealing.


These were five simple steps to make sure your hair gets healthy, strong and looks better. If you start incorporating these habits in your daily routine then you will see amazing results. However there are other ways as well like drinking maximum amount of water. You can research about it more.

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