Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder, which affects the respiratory function during the sleep. This disorder can affect your way of breathing when you are in sleep. If it is this regular and left as untreated then breathing may become very shallow or become life threatening.

Typically these breathing pauses can last for 10 to 20 seconds and may occur hundreds of times while you are in sleep, which jolts you out of your normal sleep rhythm. Due to this condition, you may spend less time in deep sleep and more time in obstructive sleep, and this may affect productivity and mental sharpness of an individual on his next day.

With proper treatment and also using best sleep apnea remedies, symptoms of sleep apnea can be managed successfully. This will enable you to sleep better. Using home remedies is the first priority for treating sleep apnea. This includes changing sleeping habits and some lifestyle changes.

Lose Excess Body Weight:

Just a slight weight loss may also help you to relieve your throat constriction. In some cases sleep apnea can be cured by returning to healthy body weight. Consult your doctor if you don’t have proper weight loss program and know the best course of action for the weight loss.

Sleeping Position:

Usually breathing problems at night may occur due to bad sleeping posture like sleeping on back facing up or sleeping on tummy facing down. Sleeping sideways is best sleeping position for people with sleep apnea, and other breathing problems.

It is hard to maintain posture in sleep, many people used to put objects like rolled up socks or tennis balls in their pockets of their pyjamas. This tip can make them uncomfortable to sleep on back, and also ensures that the person won’t attempt to sleep on his back.


Allergies also associated with sleep apnea, as they make it very harder to breathe. People who have allergies should avoid potential allergens in the sleeping area.

Use hypo-allergenic mattress covers and pillows, and clean curtains and bed room flooring frequently. Some may be using saline solution to clear out the nasal passages and make their breathing much easier, but use only sterile solution to avoid the parasitic infection risk.

Limit Alcohol and Medicine Usage:

Avoiding alcohol is one of the best sleep apnea remedies. Drinking excessive alcohol or getting some kind of medicines, specifically sedatives or sleeping pills can make the condition worse.

Increase your bed height:

Set your bed height to 6 inches (15cm) or use a special pillow known as cervical pillow while sleeping. This pillow can help your head stay in proper position, which reduces sleep apnea. Usage of regular pillows won’t work with your condition.