Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Matshona Dhliwayo said that “a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear.” And yet, some people find it hard to give out a smile. This is often rooted in a lack of self-confidence due to the not-so-good appearance of your teeth. 

In this case, cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve a brighter smile. 

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses more on improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. Thus, it’s also known as Aesthetic Dentistry. 

That said, cosmetic dentistry is more than just fixing your smile’s appearance. While cosmetic dental procedures are usually elective than essential, some treatment cases can provide restorative benefits and help improve your overall oral health and quality of life. 

When Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Other people might say that prioritizing oral health for aesthetic purposes isn’t practical, but if it would enhance your confidence and boost your overall well-being then it should be considered a priority. Here are some vital reasons why you need cosmetic dentistry:

Discolored Teeth

Discolored teeth are a common dental imperfection, but one that is easy to address.

In general, a yellow tooth is not an oral problem. The color that we see is usually about the thickness of your teeth layers. Dentin is the middle layer of the tooth which gives a pale-yellow color. Meanwhile, the enamel is the outermost layer and is fairly clear. 

Everyone has a different Dentin and enamel thickness. If you have thinner enamel, then it may give off a yellowish color other than just white. 

That said, your diet and lifestyle can also make your teeth more yellowish. Certain drinks like coffee and tea can contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Smoking also stains your teeth as well as poor dental hygiene. 

If you want to whiten your teeth, there are several cosmetic dental procedures you can try. A cosmetic dentist may perform a professional tooth whitening procedure to remove stains and brighten your smile. 

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect proper jaw function, create malocclusion or poor bite, and can affect your diet. A gap in your mouth due to a missing tooth can also shift neighboring teeth. These can create new gaps or result in crooked teeth.

Furthermore, a missing tooth can also cause irregularities to your jaw bone. Without normal jaw bone density, your facial structure will appear distorted. Your chin will become weakened and result in a less impressive appearance. 

In more advanced cases, missing teeth can result in the total collapsed appearance of your face. 

As a result, it would affect your confidence. Who would want to smile if they’re missing a tooth, especially if it’s in the front?

One common solution for missing teeth is a dental implant. This procedure involves surgically placing metal posts into your jawbone. Once in place, these posts allow your dentists to mount a replacement tooth onto them. If you have one or more missing teeth, a dentist can provide you with a bridge instead of a single dental implant. 

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile refers to a smile that reveals too much of your gum line. This can be a cause of insecurity for people who have them. 

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

In this case, a cosmetic dentist can suggest gum reshaping which can improve your gummy smile. The oral surgery involves removing a small amount of your gum tissue, and if necessary, even bone tissue. Then, your gum is contoured to expose more of your teeth. 

Gum reshaping can be done to one tooth to help even your gum line or to your whole line of teeth to expose a natural and beautiful smile. 

Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

Cracked or chipped teeth are not only unsightly, but they can also result in dental issues such as gum diseases and cavities. Whether you received a blow to your face or bit into something hard that caused a chipped tooth, it’s best to consult a cosmetic dentist right away. This helps prevent further damage or infection. 

The common solution for a chipped tooth is a crown, which is a tooth-shaped “cap” placed over a damaged or weak tooth to improve its size, appearance, strength, or shape. 

Another option is dental bonding. This procedure involves applying a tooth-colored resin into the chipped or cracked tooth and hardening it with a special light. This is the least expensive and easiest cosmetic dental procedure for repairing cracked or chipped teeth. 

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned or crooked teeth are quite common in both adults and children. Other than lowering your self-esteem, crooked teeth can also cause speech or health issues. 

Moreover, crooked teeth are hard to clean, which can result in gum diseases and tooth decay. Misalignment can also interfere with proper chewing and may cause excessive wear and tear on your gums, teeth, and jaw muscles. 

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures for crooked teeth is braces. It is a particularly good choice for kids who still have flexible and malleable gums and bone tissue. There are several types of orthodontic braces, but all of them have one goal— to slowly align and straighten your teeth. 

Take Away 

Cosmetic dental procedures are not just expenses. Consider them as an investment for yourself to enhance your smile, appearance, and confidence while improving your overall quality of life. 

So, when you see the telltale signs above, don’t think twice about consulting a cosmetic dentist to help you fix and bring back that beautiful smile to your face.