Restorative Dentistry

A pretty smile is what frames a person’s face, and in order to ensure a pretty smile, teeth must be properly taken care of starting at a very young age. Seeing a dentist is a very important aspect of taking care of children’s teeth.

There are a couple signs you can look for to know if you need to take your child to see a dentist.

A Child Should Visit A Pediatric Dentist By Age 2

A first visit to a pediatric dentist can be as early as around your child’s first birthday, however, it should be schedule by age 2 at the absolute latest. If your child is over the age of 2 and has not visited the dentist, this is a sign your child needs to have an appointment scheduled.

The first visit with a dentist will get you acquainted with how to properly care for your child’s teeth and help your child get accustomed to visiting the dentist and the procedures so that later on down the road it is not a daunting task.

Your Child Is Experiencing Tooth Pain

When tooth pain hits, it can be out of nowhere and at the most unconventional times, but even if it resides quickly, you should take you child to visit the dentist.

Your child’s body might be able to fight off the infection causing the pain, however, the original cause of the problem is probably still present and can return at any time.

Your Child’s Gums Are Swollen And Hurting

According to Ivory Dental Centre, swollen and hurting gums are a good sign that a dentist appointment needs to be scheduled for your child.

Swollen gums can be the result of hardened plaque up under the gums that needs to be treated by a professional. If hardened plaque is not treated and continues to sit under gums, it can eventually lead to loss of teeth for your child later in life.

Random White Spots Are Appearing On Your Child’s Teeth

White spots that seem to randomly appear on your child’s teeth can be a sign of extreme enamel decay.

A dentist appointment should be scheduled at the very first sign of white spots because initial tooth decay can occur without warning and progress quickly. Routine dental appointments help head off tooth decay before it can get a good start.

Your Child Has Tooth Sensitivity To Favorite Snacks Such As Ice Cream

Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot is a sign that your child might have a cavity. A dentist appointment should be quickly scheduled to get the cavity under control as soon as possible.

The longer cavities go without getting filled, the more symptoms and discomfort your child can experience.

These are just a couple of many different signs that your child needs to see a dentist. When it comes to taking care of your child’s teeth, the better you care for them at an early age, the more likely your child will continue to care for them throughout life.


  1. My daughter told me that she started experiencing tooth pain a couple of days ago, and the pain continues each day. Because of that, I decided to look for a children’s dentist here in town. You made a good point when you mentioned that even if it resides quickly, it is still important to take my child to visit the dentist.