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5 Signs It’s Time for an Eye Exam

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When you have good vision, you probably take it for granted. Even if you’ve lived a life of 20/20 vision, there’s still a chance you’ll need corrective eye wear at some point and the only way to truly determine that need is if you get a eye exam. Eye exams determine whether or not you need corrective eye wear, but they can also help detect any future eye issues.

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Good vision is not only helpful in everyday life, but great eyesight can also help protect you against dangers such as injuries and even car accidents. Vision can seemingly change overnight and may even seem different from day to day.

Many people don’t get eye exams on a regular basis; it’s recommended to get a comprehensive eye exam every two years if you don’t have any health issues that affect eye health. In the meantime, pay attention to these signs and have your eyes examined:

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision can occur for any number of reasons from sitting in front of a computer too long, sleep deprivation, and even alcohol consumption. Blurry vision doesn’t automatically mean that you need corrective eyewear, but it’s always a good idea to visit an optometrist to get your eyes checked.

Sudden or gradual blurred vision can mean any number of things, so don’t self-diagnose or delay an appointment, if anything, go in for a peace of mind.

Poor Vision When Driving

Maybe you’re one of those people who says you can’t drive at night because you don’t see well or you can’t see exit signs very clearly. Although you are admitting that you struggle to see well while driving, it can still be problematic. Whether it’s night time driving you struggle with or can’t make out signs on the road, your poor vision could be responsible for an accident.

According to Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney, Donna M. Nesselbush, there are numerous factors that can result in a fatal car accident; vision issues can certainly be a contributing factor. If your vision is poor while driving, it’s safe to say that it’s as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Frequent Headaches

There are many things in our busy daily lives that can result in an annoying headache, but frequent headaches are often a sign of vision changes. With an eye exam and proper diagnosis, you can say goodbye to daily brain pain.

Eye Strain

The amount of screen time that we have each day can put a strain on our eyes, but so can poor sleep or seasonal allergies. Before you determine that your eye strain is due to too much reading or an abundance of pollen in the air, have an optometrist confirm whether your eye strain is more serious than you think.

Family History

Although technically not a “sign”, your family’s eye health history can determine whether or not you should have your eyes checked. For example, if your grandmother had macular degeneration, there’s a chance you could have it as well. Early and frequent eye exams can help treat it properly.

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Matt Rhoney is an avid reader on trending topics and a writer in his spare time. On the beautiful coast of North Carolina you will usually find him catching up on the latest news with locals or on the beach surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding. He loves to write pieces on health, fitness, and wellness, but often writes about families and safety.

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