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5 Safe Pregnancy Exercises that Ease your Labor Pains

Keeping physically fit during pregnancy is important for your health and well-being. It can help with delivery, minimize discomfort and also reduce other pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness and nausea’s.

Pregnancy exercise is one of the key factors in a healthy pregnancy for both mom and baby. There is evidence that exercise may help to prevent gestational diabetes, relieve stress and build more stamina required for labor and delivery.

It is extremely important to know which type of pregnancy exercise is most appropriate throughout the three stages of gestation. Safe pregnancy exercises that are suggested by experts include walking, yoga, aerobics, swimming, stair climbing, kegel exercises, etc. Here are the 5 safe pregnancy exercises:

1. Walking:

Walking is one of the safe pregnancy exercises that should be performed regularly. Walking helps to keep you fit without harming your ankles and knees and can be safely done for the entire nine months of pregnancy.

Walking during pregnancy can help to alleviate pain as well as promote easier labor. Try to avoid lengthy walks and uphill climbs, which may increase your heart rate thus making you breathless and tired. Drink plenty of water while walking and do not allow yourself to dehydrate. Dehydration and exhaustion may harm your baby.

2. Yoga:

yoga pregnancy

Yoga is another best and safest form of exercise that helps to release stress and pressure on the body while pregnant. Various yoga poses as safe pregnancy exercises will greatly help to make your delivery quicker and easier and also open your pelvis effortlessly.

They can also improve cramping and fluid retention, which is a common complaint during the last trimester. Many forms of pregnancy yoga will be safe for you and your baby, as long as they are not excessively rigorous.

3. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the top recommended safe pregnancy exercises as this helps to tone your entire body without adding weight and stress to your joints. It also improves blood circulation to the fetus, enhance the body’s use of oxygen, strengthen the large muscle groups, and also ease the pregnancy-related physical discomforts.

Swimming offers you cardiovascular benefits. Swimming three to four times per week for at least 30 minutes can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

4. Kegel Exercises:


Kegels are popularly prescribed safe pregnancy exercises for many pregnant women. They are easy to practice and also help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Strengthening the pelvic muscles can help with painless and quick childbirth.

This improved muscle tone in your pelvic area helps to minimize bladder leaks and haemorrhoids. Kegel exercises are also suggested after pregnancy to promote perineal healing, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control.

5. Aerobic Exercises:

Pregnant women who want to practice aerobic exercises should concentrate on low-impact ones. Practicing aerobic exercises during pregnancy can strengthen your heart and tones your body.

Aerobic workouts help to prevent excessive weight gain, which reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes and also baby’s risk of developing diabetes as an adult

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