Recliners which are fondly called relaxing or sleep chairs have been available for a long time. These days a growing number of homes have one recliner tucked somewhere.

With its growing popularity, it’s only right that we know why we should consider that sleep chair. We’d like to know what makes it different from the regular chair we all know.

Are there benefits to using recliners or is it just a sort of fashion fad which would probably die out when the hype is over?

Interestingly, even chiropractors recommend recliners to their patients with serious back pain. That basically means there are health benefits, right? Let’s take a look at some top reasons you should consider that sleep chair.

Reasons to Buy a Recliner

Stress Relief: Of the major causes of severe back pain, stress can be pointed as a leading factor. If your work requires you sitting upright for a long time, you’d definitely be prone to back pain, thus sitting at a 90-degree angle for prolonged periods is not recommended.

Also, mental stress might spark headaches, lead to a partial loss of memory as well as exhaustion.

With a recliner, you can ease of both physical and mental stress by leaning back in a comfortable position and letting your mind rest. The major work of a recliner is to function as a stress reliever after all.

If you need more than just a relaxing chair, you can go further to get a recliner with massage capabilities.

Helps with Blood Circulation: If blood doesn’t flow well, you’d notice your joints swelling or your feet suddenly turn rock-like, very heavy. Problems like these are usually caused by standing or sitting for long periods, especially in a manner which isn’t comfortable.

Due to the fact that gravity affects the flow of blood, with time the movement of blood is restricted and the blood stays in the lower half of your body, clogging up veins which then swells.

This can be prevented through the use of recliners as it helps keep the blood flowing, you can adjust your reclining chair to make blood circulation easier avoid clogging up the veins.

Pain Relief: There are several factors that can cause body pains. Most of the time, body pain (back, neck, shoulder especially) are caused by the muscles being continually strained.

Muscles are strained for a variety of reasons including carrying heavy objects, pregnancy, or just sitting in front of your computer for hours at a go.

If you are having body pains, a recliner can be a lasting solution as it can help ease that pain. It’s recommended to go for any of the recommended best recliners for back pain sufferers if you suffering from chronic back pain.

Aching Joints: Arthritis leaves people with swollen, stiff joints which are sometimes painful. Using a recliner can help you manage these conditions by directing your muscles downwards. Doing so helps decrease the pains and aches you feel with these conditions. This is one reason why certain reclining chairs are described as medical equipment.

Safety and Support: Recliners offer a lot of benefits to different groups of people. For old folks, one of the major reasons for getting a recliner is because of the support, and safety which is obtainable using it.

Old people in their 70s, 80s even 60s would find that they are not as agile as they used to be, so sitting and standing can be really uncomfortably difficult. However, these lift chairs can support them to sit up and stand up effortlessly. With adjustable positions, so you are as comfortable as you’d like.

Now that you’ve got ideas about why recliners are very beneficial, let’s take a look at some of the best recliners you can buy right now.

5 Best Recliners You Can Buy Right Now

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU LeatherThis recliner has all the possible features for buying one. It has massaging and vibrating features that are good for upper and lower back pains as well as a reclining angle of almost 180º.

Its 360º swivel options mean you can swing around to a position of comfort as you desire. The soft PU leather can make it easy to clean and attractive to the buyer.

Other important features include a remote controller, power cord, cup holder, storage bags and 5 control modes.


  • This recliner can rock gently
  • Very useful for lumbar pains
  • Easy to assemble
  • Remote control makes it easy to use
  • Storage bags and cup holders mean you do not have to go around in search of anything


  • No swivel lock feature
  • The footrest may become stuck and not usable.

Waldo Tufted Wingback Recliner Chair (Warm Stone)

Waldo Tufted Wingback Recliner Chair

If you want a recliner that embodies the classics and can blend into your home sofa, then you have finally found it. Waldo Tufted is a beautiful reclining chair covered in a fabric that brings sweet memories of childhood – an heirloom although coming at a very friendly price.

The materials with which this recliner is made of are durable and will definitely save you the stress of regular conditioning.


  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Perfectly blends into living rooms
  • Very comfortable and supports the body well
  • Helps improve back pains
  • Easy to assemble


  • Individuals taller than 6 feet might find this chair uncomfortable as much as individuals on the large side
  • Not very comfortable

GDFStudio 301371 Mason Recliner

GDFStudio 301371 Mason Recliner

It will be difficult for anyone to know that this is a recliner. We know how expensive classic arts can be. However, this work of art in the form of a recliner comes at a surprisingly affordable price despite being one of the top recliners of today.

It combines modern and mid-century stylishness, comfort, durability, and aesthetics. Although this chair is rather a small recliner, for the right persons, it is a perfect buy.


  • Can blend with home furniture
  • There is a wide array of colors for selection
  • Made of durable Birchwood and padded foam increases its durability and comfort
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from


  • Not very sturdy as it can be broken in no time.

Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather

Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather

The ergonomic design plus the comfort of this recliner is the reason it is among one of the best recliners – not to mention its price tag. The rolled arms plus the nail head details are quite irresistibly beautiful.

When not in reclining position, this chair can be put into a gliding motion


  • Roomy and very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can blend with existing home furniture to add class to the living room


  • Footrest might be difficult to close
  • Not for the very tall folks

Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner With Storage Arms

Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Kids Recliner With Storage Arms

Yes. While adults find a recliner useful, kids can also do the same. This easy to assemble kids recliner is also easy to clean and maintain and is available in a variety of colors.

It is excellent for kids to watch TV, or read their most loved books in. it is controlled by remote and has storage arms for books, games controllers and more. If you want the safety of your child plus comfort, then this recliner is the best option.


  • Very soft and comfortable for kids
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Sturdy and can last for years


You should never underestimate the importance of recliners in our everyday life. Stress for one can hamper our health status and recliners are good stress relievers. You can rest easy, sleep well and massage sore backs with reclining chairs.

Buying a good recliner is one of the best investments you would ever make, and we have listed 5 of the best recliners available on the market today. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a reclining chair as soon as possible. Happy reclining!