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5 Reasons Cancer Patients Should Get Palliative Care

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A cancer diagnosis is often difficult for many patients. They expect the worst to happen with little recourse for protecting themselves. Palliative care should be considered by eligible patients for five important reasons.

Provides physical care

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Often, cancer patients experience other health-related issues while battling cancer. They may have special nutritional needs or require help with mobility. Palliative care can help to address these issues to keep patients as comfortable and active as possible.

Emphasizes emotional support

Cancer patients frequently struggle with a wide range of emotions, from denial to anger and eventually, grief.

Palliative care facilities and programs typically include access to a therapist or psychologist who can help patients deal with emotional issues and work through them. Patients can also become acquainted with others who are dealing with similar issues.

Extends time out for patients and families

Sometimes a change of scenery can do a person good. Getting away from the daily grind of being homebound or relegated to a limited routine of cancer treatment or related limitations can be wearing on all concerned.

Patients often appreciate a timeout in a hospice facility that may be available with palliative care. Family members likewise enjoy a respite from the demanding rigors of caring for a seriously ill loved one.

Facilitates treatment and care

According to Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care, a cancer patient who receives palliative care generally is in a better frame of mind than one who does not receive the same type of care. Pain management and physical therapy can do wonders for a patient’s mind and body as well as overall outlook.

Palliative care relaxes a patient by restoring confidence and improving quality of life while helping them avoid the anxieties and stress of a serious or terminal illness.

Offers hope

With medical care that treats symptoms and enhances overall health, a patient may begin to develop an optimistic attitude about recovery. If that cannot occur, then patients may begin to come to terms with their condition and prognosis. Comfort care removes the immediate distress of pain and fear to allow patients and their families to focus on quality time and everyday pleasures.

Palliative care is not the end of the line for cancer patients. It focuses on new directions that assist cancer patients in better understanding the disease process and enhancing everyday activities. Anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis and offered palliative care should carefully consider the benefits like those indicated above.

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Lung Cancer
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