Personal Trainer

In the world of fitness, there are millions and millions of myths. Some of them are true, and some of them are incredibly false. If you have even the slightest interest in health and fitness, and the fact that you are reading this means that you do, you have already heard most of them.

No matter what you do as your workout, whether it is calisthenics or bodybuilding, you have heard people talk about high protein foods, repetitions, cycles, form and much more.

Before we begin, let’s draw a line right there. Let’s draw a line between “Mr. know it all” and a true fitness instructor. In this article, we will be talking about professional instructors, licensed people who have already achieved incredible results in their respective fields and people who already look pretty good.

Now that that is out of the way let’s get this topic fired up and started. So, no matter what you are doing (calisthenics, bodybuilding, yoga, cross fit) you can get yourself an instructor. Should you? Do you need it? We will cover all of that.

How Do You WorkOut Without an Instructor?

Many people believe that it is impossible to work out without an instructor. Let me tell you this, if you are a beginner it will seem impossible.

The reason why this happens is that you don’t have the necessary information about the stuff you need to do, the food you need to eat, quantity, quality, none of that. So yes, if you are an absolute beginner, things will be pretty hard, no sugar coating.

You won’t know what you are doing. You won’t believe in your plan at first, and the most startling part You won’t see results.

That’s why most people quit after just a couple of weeks of full commitment. What you need to know right away is that you are evolving, your body is changing. You can’t expect to see some exponential changes just from two or three workouts.

Whatever that you are doing, it helps you! You just have to start. With this being said, you don’t need an instructor, even if you are a beginner, however, your life will be pretty hard until you get on the right track.

The best advice for you would be just to start somewhere, do something, do as much as you can, and things will start to reveal themselves from there on out. You will start learning through your process and through experience.

Of course, you can always ask someone for advice or find something on the internet. That will speed the process up a bit, however, don’t expect things to go easy. All in all, this is an excellent way of learning all about fitness with absolutely zero backgrounds.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

Personal Trainer

Like I already explained, you don’t need to hire a professional personal trainer. What will that do to you?

Well, except the explained part about how hard it is, it will save you money. Let’s say you are doing bodybuilding, lifting weights. You need a gym for that, right?

Well, gyms cost money, each month. Some are expensive, some aren’t but all in all you have to pay. So imagine now how a personal trainer would affect your wallet. You would be paying for the gym and for the instructor.

Now you may ask Well why should I hire a personal instructor and lose all that money?
Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring yourself a professional for your fitness life.

A good workout plan

Although you will also get a workout plan from the employees of the gym you are going to, it won’t be quite as PERSONAL as this would. You see, an employee would give you a workout plan for your desired goal. It can be burning fat, getting rock solid abs or whatever.

If you hire a professional trainer, he will not only get you a workout plan that will help you achieve your goal, but he will make it fit YOU and your body type alone. There are certain measurements he will need to get from you, there are certain numbers in reps and sets and similar, but once he is done with it you will get yourself a full personal workout regime.

You see, even if you do make a plan that shows results for yourself, a professional will make it show even more. He is trained and experienced in that field, which is the reason he is called a professional.

All eyes on you

In a gym, or in a park, or wherever you are working out, you won’t be “monitored” all the time. There are people who paid the same amount of money that you did for the same gym equipment or training. You may get corrected a few times and get a couple of useful tips, but you won’t be the main target.

If you hire an instructor, he will not only look at you and your progress, but also he will notice right away if something is off, or if the workouts are working in your favor or not.

He will also be there to tell you that things are going right and motivate you even more. In the world of health and fitness that is very important.

Perfect Form

Perfect form is one of the most important things while working out. If you aren’t maintaining perfect, or near perfect form while working out, you won’t “hit” the muscles that you want in the way that you want. What that means is that they won’t fully or properly develop.

Often when you are working out and you get tired you may forget about form and just focus on the work getting done, the reps, you know. It won’t happen if you have someone that’s helping you with the goals you want to achieve.

A good instructor will always help you correct your form and make you concentrate on the movement rather than the number.

You see, when you are doing pull ups, for example, and you aren’t doing the full movement of the exercise (fully up, fully down) because you aren’t that strong, you might think that it’s okay to do it half way. That is very wrong because you won’t be working the full muscle. Your bicep will only be “damaged” in the area that you are using for that half way pull.

If you want to activate certain muscle groups to the fullest, then doing full movements is necessary. That’s what you won’t have to worry about if you have a professional with you. All that you need to do is focus on hard work and dedicate yourself. Your personal instructor will help you with the rest.

Extra Motivation

I have already mentioned that the professional instructor you hire will motivate you but let’s put that statement under the microscope right now.

You can’t work out without motivation. As simple as that. It’s impossible. If you have a clear goal in front of yourself and stick to it, then things will work out for you just fine. But you see, that’s the tricky part.

You will have many bad, rainy days when you feel like you don’t want to work out, or even worse, when you feel you want to quit. Those are exactly the days that you have to push even harder.

For a beginner, a guy/girl that hasn’t worked out before, this could be the worse part. That’s why the instructor is there. Working out alone can be hell. No one to give you an extra push. No one to give you comforting words. No one to catch you if you fall.

If you hire a personal instructor, he/she will do all those things all the time. A good personal instructor will recognize when you are in a slump and will know how to get you out of there with just words.

Self-motivation is pretty important, but sometimes you need something extra. It could be the answer.

A good diet plan

There is no cutting off of this. You absolutely must maintain a proper diet in anything that you want to accomplish. There are diet plans for people who want to burn weight. There are diet plans for people who want to gain muscle.

Diet is another key fragment of your process. Some people even go that far and say that diet is 70% of the progress, and the rest, the smaller part, is the workout itself.

With a professional, personal trainer

, you will not only get a food program that will help you accomplish your ultimate goal, but you will get the program just for you.

He will ask you about the food you like, what you want, how much of this, that, and after he gets his knowledge about you, he will compose a diet plan that won’t feel like a terrible burden to you.

If you are eating the food that you like even when you are on a diet, than you are in a win-win situation. That’s what you can count on if you want to hire someone to help you.

Final Verdict

Now that everything is said and written let’s see what we came up with. Hiring a professional, personal trainer for yourself will eat up some dollars at the end of the day. It will hurt your wallet, that’s a fact.

However, this will only bring you everything that you need for your progress. Not only will you make fast and efficient progress, but you will also know that you are working out by a program that was given to you by a professional.

There is something else you must know!

Only hire a personal instructor if you are 100% ready to put in work. Only If you are serious about working out and making a positive change in your life, you should hire a professional.

Hiring one if you aren’t serious would just be a waste of time for both you and the instructor. And there you have it. I made sure to make this article full of details that you need to know if you want to hire someone like that.

You would need to put some money away, you would need to put in some hard work, dedication and hours upon hours upon hours, but it will all pay off at the end.

Whatever you choose at the end, whether to work out alone and make everything by yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, the important thing is to work out and live a healthy life!