Bed Sores

Bed sore aka pressure ulcer is a kind of injury of the skin and in some cases the tissues underlying caused by extended pressure or constraint on the skin. This is one of the most difficult and troublesome health conditions for anyone and it is highly existent in bedridden people. Bed sores are considered better prevented than treated.

So if you are in charge of a bedridden person or if concerned about this particular issue, here are some easy-commendable steps that if followed can prevent anyone from growing or facing this scary complication Here they go:

Re-positioning and Reducing Shearing Forces

Re-positioning of the body will make you put lesser pressure on a particular part of the body. It is suggested by health specialists that you should change or shift your body position every two hours, for wheelchair users every 15 minutes which drastically reduces the chance of growing bedsores.

If you are lying on a bed or sitting in a place for a long time, try moving your body on your own as you will understand your comfort better, if it is not possible ask a family member or a caregiver to do it for you. Cutting down on shearing forces is a must too.

Doctors suggest patients not to elevate the bed more than 30 degrees for as to avoid sliding down in the bed or causing frictions since it increases the risks. A regular practice of doing these acts will save you from the nightmare of bed sores.

Taking Proper Skin Care

Skin care is an ultimate way to identify potential risk of bedsores and preventing them before they grow or getting rid of them before they aggravate.

Cleaning your skin regularly is important, especially if it is already affected. Use of mild soap and warm water work best for the cleansing process. Make sure that you pat dry your skin after cleansing it with water. Along with washing the skin, using talcum powder for getting rid of excessive moisture and applying lotion for dry skin are recommended.

Changing your bedding and clothes frequently reduces the germ or bacteria attacks on the skin. Moreover, if the patient has bowel or urinary incontinence, make sure that his/her skin does not stay exposed to all those bacteria for a long time. Maintaining a routine for helping them out with urinating or excrement, changing diapers may help patients not to produce bed sores.

Maintaining Balanced Nutrition

Doctors can advise patients to maintain a certain diet or suggest certain nutritional changes for maintaining a healthy skin and it is the best that you follow them.

According to Mayo Clinic, a healthy diet might include increased calories, vitamins, proteins, minerals or nutrition supplements as Zinc or vitamin C as per patient’s health condition. Keeping the body hydrated is a must for preserving a nourished skin.

The doctors might suggest the amount of daily consumption of liquid and also the signs of dehydration such as dry or sticky mouth, thirst, darker urine, constipation etc. Thus maintaining a balanced nutrition will give you a healthy skin which is the prerequisite for preventing bed sores.

Doing Exercises Regularly

For a person who is stuck in bed, the idea of exercising might seem absurd and ridiculous. Well it is not as such that you have to perform conventional forms of exercising.

Instead you can do some motion exercises on the bed as in lifting your arms or legs one at a time for 10-30 seconds and repeating it for 3-5 times. If a patient is unable to do so, a caregiver or family member can assist them in performing such easy exercises. This will increase the blood circulation in the body thus helping you prevent pressure ulcers.

Using Specialized Mattress Along with Cushions or Pillows

Health specialists recommend using pillows under bony areas of the body as in the tailbone, shoulders, knees or heels etc. to make sure that these areas do not get pressurized.

Patients can also use specialized mattresses as in air-filled or water-filled mattresses and sheepskin pads which lessen the pressure on the body; these are available at markets or medical supply stores. Patients can seek doctor’s recommendation in this particular area as well.

Being immobile or unable to move is suffering enough, no one wants the added distress with it. When you are in charge of taking care of a bedridden patient, try to learn as much as possible about bed sores. Websites such as BedSoreFaq come with lot of relevant information regarding this.

Take initiative today and apply these procedures on a regular basis for saving yourself from the ordeal of bed sores. Know that treating bed sores is hard and sometimes impossible, so the best way is to prevent them from happening beforehand. Be careful and sincere, follow the steps and prevent pressure ulcers for an easier life in the worst conditions.
Happy living! 😎