Over $12 billion dollars was spent in 2015 by USA alone for teeth whitening remedy, meanwhile more will be spent this year.

An evidence for the rapid increase in need for in-home and in-office teeth whiteners is the daily invention of new whiteners and surgeries, most of which come with high side effects than others. How then can you whiten your teeth while escaping all the cons of teeth whiteners and bringing all the benefits to yourself?

Never use a product you can’t pronounce else you find yourself regretting ever using organic teeth whiteners. For that, I have got you a list of 5 most effective natural remedy to whiten your teeth.

Why you may need to whiten your teeth

While there are multiple factors contributing to loss of white teeth, there are three major factors playing about 85% role in making your teeth lose their whiteness and sparkling prowess, leaving you with a set of yellow and dull embarrassing mouth.

One of the three major teeth color changing factors is plaque which covers the teeth daily naturally and if left without brushing off will percolate, cover the teeth, making it change color slowly.

Another is the food we eat: 75% of foods we eat possess enough capability of staining our enamel (most physical part of the teeth), these stains are usually temporal but if left unwashed for a long period, can become permanent.

Lastly is the eroding of the enamel, when the enamel gets eroded, it exposes our dentine (inner teeth) which has a yellow color naturally, and at this stage there are some teeth remedies that don’t work for you. Things that can cause the exposure of dentin are a high intake of excessive hot or cold water, and also sugary food like chocolates and sweets.

I know how embarrassing it is to have yellowish set of teeth. Apart from low self-esteem when it comes to laughing or taking pictures, other things accompanying this teeth problem are gum irritation and mouth odor.

All of these together are enough to push you into using organic whiteners for your teeth, but before introducing those chemicals into your mouth, let me tell you why you should not use organic teeth whiteners.

Why you should not use organic teeth whiteners

Alright, Ruth and Carl have gotten rid of their yellow teeth through surgery while John’s got his sparkling white teeth back with chemicals, now you are ready to do same, see this;

  • Irritating: are you ready to withstand all the irritation? If no, then never go for chemicals. Many of these chemicals are capable of increasing your teeth sensitivity to hotness and coldness, you get to receive shock from even warm water, why then harm yourself?
  • Expensive: will you rather splash out $15-$35 of your wallet on store bought treatment and $300 on in-office treatment in the name of getting a white set of teeth or go for what you already have? The natural remedies you are about to read from here will cost you nothing less than $5 monthly.
  • Contains artificial and harmful substances: from Triclosan, plastic polymers, artificial fragrance, hydrate silica, sodium laurel sulphate, to artificial flavoring, the list chemicals in organic whiteners goes on and on. Do you want them in your body? If no, then read on to see a list of 5 most effective natural remedies to whiten your teeth.

Natural ingredients to whiten your teeth

Baking soda

Baking soda is capable of renewing the mouth shining prowess. Containing 68% alkaline, baking soda protects the gum and enamel from harmful bacterial, while it also has an abrasive characteristic giving the powder due ability to scrub sticky stains off our teeth.

Based on researches, toothpastes containing baking soda improve teeth whiteness than ordinary toothpaste, another research stated that a toothpaste power is rated by its soda content.

Though this is not a overnight mouth treatment, but a regular use of soda helps do away with plaque and yellow stains. How can you use baking soda as a treatment for teeth?

Brush with a mixture of one teaspoon of water with two spoonful baking soda twice daily (day and night). Make sure to rinse with clean water after each brush, though treated (chlorinated) water is most advisable, warm water is also a good option.

Oil pulling

The oil pulling process is an all-round mouth treatment. It works for tooth decay, mouth odor, and teeth colorization. It originates from India where Sesame oil and sunflower oil are used as oral treatment.

Among other oil applicable is olive oil, nonetheless coconut oil is the most effective as it contains 64% lauric acid that is capable of making bacteria harmless and stopping inflammation. Daily oil pulling prevent gingivitis, kill bacteria and stop plaque.

One of the bacteria causing plaque is streptococcus mutans. streptococcus mutans clogs the gum with plaque and later cover up the teeth. Oil pulling is world most safest natural oral treatment because oil used in oil pulling, such as coconut oil, doesn’t contain harmful acid capable of eroding our enamel. How can you use this process?

All you need is one spoon of coconut oil daily. Push and pull the oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes, then spit into the toilet. It is advisable not to swallow the coconut oil as it already contain bacterial from your mouth.

Apple cider vinegar

Is vinegar an effective mouth treatment ingredient? Yes it is. Owing to the antibacterial present in vinegar, it is able protect the teeth from discoloration. According to research, vinegar has about 59% acetic acid which is one of the most powerful antibacterial.

Acetic acid will render every form of harmful microorganisms harmless, though it tends to soften the enamel in the process. To prevent your teeth from getting soft in the process, here is how you should use vinegar.

Dilute your vinegar with clean water, then swash around your mouth for 15 minutes. Ensure your mouth get rinsed with clean water afterward.

Hydrogen peroxide

For decades, hydrogen peroxide have been used for all sort of treatments like treating of wound. Hydrogen peroxide is as powerful against bacterial as it is in whitening teeth. It plays an important role in the body and healthcare industry.

Products like; toothpaste, methilated spirit, antiseptic cream, antiseptic soap, owe their effectiveness to hydrogen peroxide. Research made showed toothpastes with high hydrogen peroxide content whiten the teeth than those with less.

Hydrogen peroxide is used thus; Buy hydrogen peroxide (most of those from the shops are 3% solution so you will need to dilute it to 1.5%), brush with it and rinse with clean water.

Fruits and vegetables:

On your journey to whiter and stronger teeth, diet plays significant role. What I mean here is; take more fruits and vegetables, while reducing an intake of beverages and sugary food. Even if you will be taking beverages, use straw to prevent them from coming in contact with the teeth.

Fruits like strawberries and pineapple are teeth whiteners. Apart from eating strawberries, a mixture of it and soda form a natural remedy for oral problems. The malic acid in strawberries will remove decolorization while soda remove stains.