Cheating is one of the major reasons for couples calling it quits. Many people who have been cheated on find it difficult to rebuild trust and move past infidelity. While cheaters try to conceal their actions, they make mistakes that get them caught. What are the biggest cheater mistakes? Here they are:

They take it too far with lies

Once cheaters get comfortable with their actions, they can become quite the liars. However, this complacency ultimately leads to their downfall; they begin to make up stories and tales that just do not add up. Once their partner tries to confront them – cheaters will try to defend themselves with even more lies. They will try to maintain their image in the eyes of their partner and will say anything to get what they want. However, the bigger the lies, the easier it is to discover them, and that is one way to catch cheaters.

They keep in touch with “the other person”

Often, cheaters do not settle for a one-night stand. Sneaking around without getting caught gives them a rush they just can’t give up. Many cheaters keep in touch with the person they cheated with, which is yet another common cheater mistake. When speaking or texting with “the other person”, cheaters leave a trace that can be traced back. Those who want to focus on their main relationship will not go down this path, but more often than not – cheaters will maintain a connection with the person they cheated with.

They making mountains out of molehills

One pattern of behavior that cheaters present is shifting the blame to their partner. When the guilt becomes too much to handle, a cheater will spark an argument with his/her partner over nothing. Making the partner “the bad guy” is intended to reduce the feeling of guilt, which is a telltale sign of cheaters. When snapping over nothing becomes a pattern, the other person realizes that something is wrong, and the cheating is eventually discovered.

They suddenly change their appearance

While some people feel guilty over cheating, there are those who feel revived because of it. The newfound passion makes cheaters dress and even behave differently than normal. Their fashion style and grooming habits suddenly change, and they seem more secure with themselves. This out-of-the-blue change is often what causes people to suspect their romantic partners, and it often leads to the discovery of cheating.

They become unavailable

There are many things in life that can cause people to become less communicative; depression, family problems, a promotion at work, etc. When someone suddenly is out of reach for long periods of time with no valid reason, it can often be due to cheating behavior. Cheaters will not answer calls, text back hours after their partner tried to reach them, and go out with “friends” for hours on end. This type of shady behavior is a hallmark of cheaters, and people often discover they are cheated on when their partner begins to be less reachable.

How to Catch a Cheater?

Before you start throwing around accusations, it is important to be certain that your partner is cheating on you. Accusing someone who is innocent of cheating is sometimes just as harmful as discovering that someone has actually created.

In both cases, the trust is broken and there is no guarantee that it will be restored. So, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, or that someone close to you is being cheated on – you should first have enough evidence to back up your accusations.

The 5 mistakes cheaters make can help catch cheaters; if you notice one sign, it might not be enough. However, if someone begins to demonstrate more than one sign, it could be because they are cheating.

Also, you should consider the life circumstances of the person you suspect; has something changed in their lives recently? Are they depressed? Has something happened to someone close to them? if so, then a change in behavior is to be expected, and noticing signs of change are by no means proof of cheating.

So, how can you discover the truth? Should you track a cheater all day long to see what they are up to? The answer is, of course, no. If you think that someone is cheating on you or on someone you care about – there is an online tool that can help you find out the truth.

GoLookUp’s catch a cheater reverse phone number search directory has helped thousands of people discover if their partner is unfaithful. How does it work? The directory provides public records data based on phone numbers.

If the suspected cheater has contacts that he/she often texts or calls, a phone number search can discover who is behind the number. Once you enter a phone number into the directory, it will begin to scan public records in search of information about the said number.

At the end of the search, which lasts only minutes, you will receive a report that includes the full name, contact information, social media profiles, and more data about the person behind the number. 

You can also enter the phone number of the suspected cheater to learn more about them; the search on GoLookUp will reveal if they have additional phone numbers that they are hiding, secret social media profiles, and much more. Only if you have proof of cheating, you should act on what you discovered. False accusations will lead nowhere, and you should keep in mind that not all trust issues can be mended.