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5 Major Responsibilities of Nurses

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Surprisingly, the healthcare industry without nurses is as incomplete as it is without doctors. Nursing is one of the most sensitive and empathizing career options. A person with the ability to empathize and understand a patient is eligible to qualify as a nurse.

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Being a nurse involves a lot more than just assisting the doctor – it includes understanding the patient without being judgmental, caring for the patient, and dealing with their families politely. The job involves understanding the patients’ needs and making their time in the hospital as comfortable as possible.

However, if you think nursing is a walk in the park, you’re wrong. With this profession comes multiple responsibilities, something you can’t back off from. Here are 5 major responsibilities of nurses:

1. Connect with Patients

Nurses need to be able to connect with patients to maintain a level of comfort. At hospitals, nurses and doctors are the only family patients have. Instead of giving orders and instructions to patients, nurses must be polite and gentle. A patient is already suffering and in a sensitive condition, they want someone to listen to them.

Nurses must learn to talk to their patients and be willing to listen to what they have to say. Many of the patients like telling their stories about how they got here and what they are going through. By being a good listener, nurses can foster positive relationships with their patients so they don’t feel lonely.

While it is normal for patients to sometimes be unreasonable due to their impotent state, it is the nurse’s responsibility to be affable. For instance – patients may constantly ask about when they would get discharged.

But a nurse should never get bothered by it or be rude to the patient in response – instead, they should ask the patient if they’re having any problem in the hospital and whether they need anything to make their stay more comfortable.

Although listening to complaints all day and working with some difficult patients is a hectic job, when you see a patient feeling better because of you, all the fatigue goes away instantly.

2. Take Care of the Patients

Isn’t this is what nursing is all about, taking care of the patients? While there’s so much more to nursing, caring for patients remains the most integral responsibility of nurses.

Not everyone can qualify to become a nurse, it’s a profession for those who have the desire to help and serve people in need. If you have that sort of empathy, look up for nursing certifications online.

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The reason why patients are at hospitals is due to their vulnerable state. They’re fighting a battle against various ailments and diseases.

This is the time where they need someone to be there for them, listen to them and take care of them because unfortunately, they’re helpless. Nurses cater to all their needs and requirements.

Being a nurse, the patient becomes your responsibility, you have to monitor their health, give medications, communicate with them, explain procedures, etc.  At times, you have to become a mentor.

For instance, most patients are scared of surgical procedures and in order to prevent any panic attacks, you have to calm them down by telling them how the surgery is completely safe.

3. Educate the Patients

Patients have every right to know about their medical conditions. Unfortunately, doctors have a lot more to do than explaining to patients what the actual problem is. Nurses, on the other hand, are never busy for their patients, catering to them in every possible way.

Medical science is quite complex and it is often difficult for senior doctors and surgeons to communicate without using medical jargon. This can be tough for nurses too, but it’s their responsibility to educate a patient and help them understand the medical condition from which they are suffering.

Nurses are often given the task to tell patients about their medications, the purpose of every medicine, and the time when they need to take them. They must also explain the treatment procedures to them.

Some patients are very fearful of major treatments and clarifying ambiguities can really help take away some of their anxiety.

Moreover, nurses may also need to calm down the patient’s family members. They need to communicate with them and ensure they stay in the loop about the patient’s treatment.

4. Make Logical and Fair Decisions

Handling tough emergency situations is something that is included in the dynamics of this profession. We all know for a fact that doctors are not always present in emergency situations.

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It’s considered fortunate if the doctor is available at the time of emergency. In such situations, it is the nurses who are responsible for making decisions and this is where their critical thinking skills come into play.

As a nurse, you might be having a bad day at work and suddenly, an emergency case knocks at the door such as a patient having a heart attack. In such a case, it is essential that you put aside your own problems and attend to the patient and make a relevant decision to handle the case.

You have to do whatever it takes for the benefit of your patient. After all, nursing is all about being compassionate.

Although senior doctors are available on call for advice in case of major emergencies, it is the nurse’s job to follow their instructions and perform the necessary treatment in their absence.

5. Adapt to Changes

The world is progressing at a very fast pace and the healthcare industry is no different. It is constantly going through major reforms and changes in work practices.

Being a nurse, you can never stop learning and must consider it your responsibility to adapt to the changing trends of the industry.

You must keep yourself updated with the latest developments in technology. In the near future, you are likely to be exposed to electronic devices to monitor and record medications and patient details.

The use of technology in the healthcare profession is only going to increase with time and it is your responsibility to equip yourself with the skills needed to adapt to these changes.


Nurses are nothing less than angels for patients. It’s one of the most amazing career options if you’re someone who wishes to help people in need. However, keep in mind that nursing is not easy and does come with its challenges.

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But at the end of the day, when you consider the difference you are making in someone else’s life, it is definitely worth it.


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