It’s funny how after you’re done dressing up from home, and you go out looking all beautiful, with the intention of turning heads at a social gathering.

But because it’s the harmattan period, and you didn’t take the right steps to tackle the dry and hazy atmosphere, you end up looking like the Grinch who’s about to steal Christmas.

I know you have done all it takes to you look your very best. You’ve ensured that you moisturise your skin and consistently drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, however, have you really taken the time to consider the food you eat on how it affects your health during this period.

It’s one thing to maintain good skin and oil your hair, and look amazing on the outside during the harmattan season; it’s another thing to make sure your inside is just as cared for. Here are some foods you need to eat to tackle the harsh weather;

1. Avocado

Some of the face creams you find in cosmetics shops contain vitamin E, an essential ingredient that is rich in moisturising properties.

The good news is that one of the very best and natural ways of getting this vitamin is through avocado. This fruit packs a punch, and the vitamin E it contains helps improve the protection of your skin against harmful UV rays that can easily damage your skin.

2. Spinach

This nature’s gift to man should be added to your diet as you can cook it as soup to go with your swallows.

This vegetable has a high level of vitamin A and B which can aid in skin hydration and protect your skin against harsh conditions as it allows it to maintain a perfect and beautiful glow. So what do you say? Want to slice some vegetables and bless it with some seafood?

3. Salmon

Oily fishes like Titus and salmon are not only tasty but are also useful for your skin.

Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help in locking moisture in your body, maintain a shiny, healthy look and fading out wrinkles on the skin. Other available seafood to grace your belly with would include Tuna and mackerel.

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has so many functions, and this consists of nourishing the hair but also the skin. Now asides applying the oil on the skin, you could use it to cook your food.

The anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties in coconut oil help to keep the skin healthy and fresh. Why don’t you go get some? yum yum.

5. Eggs

Another way to tackle dry skin is to boil or poach eggs because eggs are rich in protein and lutein. Protein and lutein help to regenerate dry skin and also help to keep it hydrated. Asides eating eggs, the egg whites could also serve as great facials.

It isn’t fair looking like a ghost when all you need to look healthy is just right around you. So why don’t you get some and save your skin the struggle of cracks and marks? You won’t regret it.