Restorative Yoga

Urban life is fraught with endless schedules, meetings and appointments, leaving no room for personal comfort and relaxation. While it does propel one’s career, it consequently takes a toll on one’s health. Prolonged neglect coupled with unhealthy eating habits result in dire health afflictions. Performing yoga on a daily basis can undo these afflictions and strengthen the body from its very core. Here are some of the many health benefits of Yoga.

Weight Loss

The Puranic art of Yoga is not just an average form of exercise – it is a proactive step towards a healthy lifestyle. Performing yoga on a daily basis does not only improve our lifestyles but also makes our bodies immune to infallibility. With that said, yoga at its core level helps one lose weight. When performing the different postures, all the said muscles of the body are engaged. The heart rate is elevated and the breathing patterns escalate. The consequent tension-relaxation mode created by the postures, forces the fat cells to disintegrate to support physical functions. Studies have shown that regular yoga practitioners have not only gained physical strength, but have also lost significant amounts of weight.

Good Shape

Who does not love to have a good physique? In the age of physical fitness, to carry a bellyful of fat around is to fall behind the curve. While some prefer heavy cardio routines to shape up, many seem to prefer the muscle intensive routines of yoga. Studies show that yoga postures engage the muscles into conforming to fitness better than any other form of exercise. Practicing yoga on a daily basis will not only sculpt your muscles to fitness but will also unleash your inner strength.

Reduce Body Pain

Given that exercise has an analgesic effect on pain and inflammation, t should come as no surprise that performing yoga can reduce pain as well. Yoga aficionados have had higher resistance to injuries and pain sustenance. This is because practicing yoga on a regular basis releases hormones that effectively deal with pain. It also triggers the tensile muscular strength and improves physical flexibility. With more flexibility come lesser chances of contracting muscle pulls and likely injuries.

Improves Concentration

Not only does yoga contribute to physical health, it also has profound impact on mental health. Specific postures are targeted specially towards nervous well being. Yoga gurus recommend these postures for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. Yoga improves concentration and helps people focus better.

Positive Thinking

Performing yoga postures has a profoundly positive effect on the mind. The breathing exercises helps one channel their energies into oneness of being. This in turn helps one concentrate on their goals with a renewed positive approach to life. Studies show that people practicing yoga have a more optimistic approach to life than those who do not. Yoga has numerous health applications. It can help you lose weight, gain strength and even concentrate better. Performing yoga on a daily basis will fortify health for good.