Natural Foods

Eat to live but do not live to eat.  That is how a famous saying goes.

Why do we want to eat a healthy way? Because we all know, that no matter how much we exercise every day, if we don’t not eat the right kind of foods, it will all be a waste and we will not lose even an inch of fat from our body.

If you are eating a healthy and fat-free diet and need to know which foods to avoid, then start with these 5 foods that you should never eat to lose weight and get a size zero figure!

White Sugar

Sugar is the unhealthiest food item and should be avoided at all times. Sugar expands the waist, destroys any weight-loss progress and reduces energy levels. Avoids deserts, sweets, ice-creams and chocolates completely.

In simple words, take sugar off your ‘eating’ list! Instead opt for all kinds of fruits as they are natural sources of sugar and help take care of your craving for any kind of sweet!

Fried Foods

Any kind of food item that has been fried contains a world of calories and fat and should be never consumed for a healthy body. It has absolutely zero nutritional value and a completely ‘lose-lose’ situation for you!

Though chips and fried taste delicious they must be avoided and instead healthier food items which are non-fried should be eaten. It will help you lose weight and have a healthy body.

White Bread

White bread has very little nutritional value and can be converted into sugar quite rapidly by the body. It is almost like eating a cupcake! If your bread is soft and smooth it must be avoided as it contains loads of carbohydrates in it. Say no to white bread and opt for wheat bread instead.

Creamy Dressings

Eating a salad is the perfect thing to do. However, if you add those creamy dressings to them you have just taken away all the benefits it has to offer as such creams are full of fat and should be avoided at all times.

Just 2 to 3 tablespoons of such dressings contains hundreds of calories and more than 20 grams of fat. The next time you try salad, do remember this.

White Rice

Similar to white bread, white rice should be never eaten as it has zero nutritional value and is loaded with fat and calories. The glycolic load present in this rice quickly primes in the body and is used for storing fat thereby increasing weight and calories.

Eat brown rice instead which is healthier, rich in fibres and vitamins along with various nutrients.

So, does beyond diet work?  Beyond diet offers one of the best ways to get back into shape, following a nutrient plan that encompasses itself beyond diet.  You can do a whole lot more, from knowing how the right diet can help you to offering the right diet plans.