For those who are suffering from depression, it can be very difficult for them to live a simple and basic life. It affects how a person socialized with people. It can also affect how he or she perceives and handles the situations. And if left undiagnosed, it can be difficult to treat and could lead to loss of life.

However, depression is not a disease. It is an adaptive mechanism that some people feel when things don’t happen the way they want it. While some people may feel sad and down when their lives are not going well, people with depression tend to feel a little bit more than brief sadness.

So why do some people feel depressed? Oftentimes, depression is triggered by the events around us and activities we do. Here are some external factors that can trigger depression we should be aware of.

The Stressful Situations That You Experience
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Experiencing stressful situation such as the death of loved one, getting fired in a job or the end of a long relationship, oftentimes, are linked to the onset of clinical depression. Likewise, one life crisis may not affect directly lead a person to depression but it can cause changes in the brain’s chemistry and limbic system. This makes a person more prone to developing depression episodes. This incidence is called “kindling-sensitization hypothesis. A series of stressful events makes a person more and more sensitive and can later one develop to chronic depression.

The Side Effects of Your Drugs
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You may not know it but the medications you take can also make you vulnerable to depression. Antibiotics and birth control shots are two examples of medications that can cause feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement.

It is best if you become fully aware of the side effects that your medications may cause. It is crucial that you know what’s best for you especially when using over-the-counter drugs. Do you really need such medications? Weigh your options well and make it a habit to always ask your doctor.

Unhealthy Lifestyle and Poor Diet
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Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking can lead to a downturn in your mental health. Smoking, in particular, releases a variety of toxins into your body. These toxins can contribute to mood problems which can trigger the feeling of extreme sadness.

Poor diet also has some effect on your mental health. An unhealthy diet like eating too much processed food and low-nutrient value dishes can lead to a decline in physical health. Your physical health can directly affect your mental health. It only means that when you are physically unhealthy, your mental health is also weak. This can be the reason of your emotional and mental struggle. And when it’s too much for you, it eventually develops into depression.

This is the right time for you to make a lifestyle change. A healthy diet with regular exercise can boost your brain power. It can also lessen the stress and improve your mood.

Overworking And Lack Of time To Relax
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Several studies already revealed how working for longer hours can put a person at greater risk of depression. People who are working longer than 8 hours a day and those who seldom skipped holidays are prone to decline in mental health. Thus, usually struggle in dealing with their life issues.

Imagine yourself going to sleep at night and thinking what would happen the next day, you never slept at all. You have no more time to relax and enjoy some leisure time. Without you knowing, workplace stressors are already consuming you. Your mental health is degrading and you are more prone to coronary or cardiovascular disease.

You Have Poor Support System
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Your interpersonal relationship with other people has a big impact on your mental health. Your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and other people you deal into are contributors to how you react to situations.

People who have poor communication with their families are more likely to have onset depressive disorder compared to people with open communication to their loved ones. Likewise, when you are surrounded by discrimination, prejudice and biased environment, whether with your colleagues, business acquaintances or in your community, it can also cause a negative impact on your emotions and mental health.

A positive way of socializing can help you maintain a healthy relationship with other people. It may be best for you to end your communication and relationship with people who cannot accept your individuality and uniqueness. Choose the people who can provide you with a positive surrounding, can give you encouragement and support and can make you feel worthy and satisfied with life.


Your level of exposure to some external factors can trigger depression. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t control them. Perhaps, you have needs that are uncommon to others. It’s like our response to the cold weather. Most people may wear a cold sweater while others need cold weather jackets to keep them warm. Similarly, if you know what causes your depression and you know your needs, you can always take necessary steps to minimize the feeling of depression.

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