There’s no denying that having a home workout regimen solves many dilemmas. It is actually the best way of striking a balance between leading a fit lifestyle and tending to your homely and professional responsibilities. Also, most gyms charge exorbitant membership fees these days, which might be out of reach to most people.

Not to worry, you can still workout from home and shed the excess fat that holds you back from total fitness. Here are some easy-to-follow weight loss exercises that you can do at home and get almost similar results as a gym enthusiast.

1. Bridge

BridgeIn most instances, most individuals who want to lose weight have a problem with their abdominal region. Glutes benefit a lot from this exercise as well but when that gut pops out, you know it’s time to shed some fat. Bridge helps you get rid of all abdominal fat while strengthening your hamstrings and the lower back region. It is, in fact, one of the most effective weight loss exercise at home.

Lie down on your back with your arms on the side then bend your knees. Raise your hips so that your back remains straight with your head, shoulders, arms and feet the only things in contact with the floor. Hold it for about 30 seconds then gently lower your hips to the floor. Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes every day for the best results.

2. Push ups

Push upsWhile the Bridge exercise focuses on trimming your abdominal region, pushups help you lose excess fat in your arms and chest. I bet most of us have an idea what this exercise is seeing that it is very common. It involves lowering and raising your body with the support of your arms only.

Place your hands on the floor then straighten your body and drop your chest low that it almost touches the ground, then go back up. This exercise trains your chest, arms, and shoulders while helping you lose weight in that region. If they prove to be hard, start with your knees on the floor.

3. Squats

SquatsSquats are the perfect way for you to lose excess fat on your legs and buttocks. Not to mention, they have added benefits for the ladies in that they have been proven to make your butt bigger. This exercise involves lowering your buttocks close to your heels with your knees bent firmly together and your thighs parallel with the floor.

With your body weight resting on your toes, stretch out your hands and maintain the position for about 6-10 seconds then go up. This exercise helps you shed weight in your hips, butt, and thighs. If you find it too difficult for starters, you can try sitting and standing with the help of a chair.

4. Side Plank Hip Drops

Side Plank Hip DropsThis exercise not only helps you lose weight but significantly adds to your core strength. Lie on one side with your elbow directly in line under your shoulder and your other hand on your hips. Keep your feet on top of one another, and the floor, then lift your hips off the floor.

Your sidearm helps you support your body weight and while suspended in the air, hold the position for 3-5 seconds before slowly lowering your hips back to the floor. Repeat the same process for about 10-20 times and don’t forget to switch sides.

5. Skipping Rope

Skipping RopeYou may think this is something that kids do for fun, but it is a crucial exercise embraced by athletes from all sorts of sports, nonetheless. It is also an excellent way to shed weight; you can burn as much 200 calories in 20 minutes – that totals to 1,000 calories a week. Jumping rope helps shed off thigh and stomach fat, no doubt about that.

Jump with both legs at once and increase and decrease the intensity at will for 7-10 minutes. Repeat the process two times a day for effective results. Ropes might be the only equipment needed for all the above exercises.

Other exercise equipment such as the rowing machine not only help with your back, just like the ropes, but can also contribute to treating scoliosis. Benefits range from low impact but total body workout to increased stamina and enhanced mobility. Also, an exercise equipment rowing machine improves your cardiovascular fitness and aids in back alignment especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In Conclusion

The above exercises are a sure way to help you shed a few pounds. However, if you’re not consistently disciplined to implement such a home workout regimen, all efforts to lose weight will not bear fruit. Adhere to your routine and watch that elusive trim profile come to being.

Author Bio:

My name is Stefan. My passion in life is trying to help others stay healthy and enjoy the life. With 8-year experience in healthcare, nutrition, I am providing comprehensive solutions for gaining weight, losing weight and training your stamina or consulting services that help you to have a healthy lifestyle.

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