Your eyes can and will say a lot about you, and form other people’s first impressions about who you are. Unfortunately, signs of skin damage and aging often spring on skin around your eyes.

What causes tired looking eyes and how to get shiny eyes instead?

Below are 5 major causes of tired looking eyes and how to prevent or reverse them.

You are tired — period

Give your eyes all the rest it needs to feel and look refreshed and rejuvenated.  Try to get sufficient sleep at night and, nap mid-day whenever you can.  Avoid chronically sleeping less than the number of hours of sleep you need to get, depending on your age, that is.  Adults normally need between 6-8 hours of sleep at night.

If you regularly get a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, find something that relaxes your mind, body and spirit.  It could be reading a good book, listening to soft music, dipping in a hot tub, or taking a cup of milk or a glass of red wine.

Get into meditation if you’re interested in it.  Find that one thing that you can do to tell your body to ease it and that it’s time to get recharged.

Too much screen time

Limiting screen time is much easier said than done.  According to the US-based non-profit organization, Common Sense, young Americans aged 13 to 18 spent 9 hours on screen, while their younger 8 to 12 year old counterparts averaged 6 hours on screen in 2015.

You would think that the adults would have done better but, according to Nielsen, American adults spend 11 hours of screen time, on the average. Both researches pointed out that attempting to cut down screen time on one gadget is nearly impossible as one keeps hopping, for instance, from laptop to television or smartphone.

Computers are a requirement for your work, and for which you can easily spend one-third of your day staring on a computer screen, and so there isn’t much that you can do with it. Try to look away from the screen or stand up to stop staring at it every so often throughout the day to keep from straining your eyes.

Set your computer alarm at regular intervals to remind you to do so.  Also, keep an eye dropper for dry eyes inside your office drawer to relieve tired eyes.

Absence of eye skincare regimen in your day time and night time routine

Moisturizing eye creams and eye gels are a great addition to give you shiny eyes. Products like Age Escape which contains peptides, up your eye skincare by several notches higher.  Peptides help catalyze many skin repair and rejuvenation process that your skin is naturally capable of doing.  Add in the antioxidants for eye reinforcement.

Skin irritations

Avoid dust and pollution, which are the major causes of inflammation on the thin, delicate skin around your eyes.  Keep your skin clean and soothe eye area with cold green tea bags, or cold slices of cucumber or tomatoes.

Incorrect way of applying eye makeup

Know the right shades of concealers to have by examining the color of pigments around your eyes.  Pinkish or reddish concealers cancel out bluish tones. Dull pigments are cancelled out by yellowish toned concealers.


Now, you are just one step away from obtaining the shiny eyes you want to have all the time. You’ll never go wrong with a combination of therapy from readily available products and a good ole’ lifestyle modification.

Author Bio:

Addie Davison is a freelance writer from New York, New Jersey, USA.As she is very health conscious so she loves to write about beauty, skin care, lifestyle, makeup. She is very hard-working and responsible. Her articles are very detail oriented and unique. Connect with her on Facebook, and Pinterest.