Drug addiction is no less than a disease that affects countless lives in the U.S. There are a huge amount of Americans who are addicted to one or more drugs and continue to abuse it on a regular basis even after knowing the harmful consequences such addiction comes with.

Drug addiction can lead to many physical and behavioral changes in a person which involves weakened muscles, dizziness, red eyes, fatigue, anger, violence and even death. Other than this, drug abuse can also lead to relationship issues. A large number of divorces are attributed to drug abuse.

Other than this, it is also linked to violence and increase in crime rates. This is why it is important to curb the use of drugs and make the world a happy place. Let’s have a look at 5 drugs that are highly addictive and dangerous:

CNS – Amphetamines

Millions of Americans are addicted to this drug. It supplies the brain, mainly the nervous system, with a burst of energy. Amphetamines are the most dangerous type of CNS. They trigger the brain to release dopamine, which gives us a unique high. Dopamine is a chemical released by the nerve cells that sends signals to other nerve cells in the body.

It is linked to giving us the feeling of pleasure, which we get addicted to. These types of drugs are dangerous because they force the abuser to increase the dosage to the extent where they begin to experience psychotic episodes.


Conditions like insomnia (sleep deprivation) and anxiety are very common. Many individuals affected by such conditions turn to solutions such as prescription drugs, but often end up getting addicted to them.

Many people use medications such as Valium, Xanax etc. However, these drugs can soon turn into an addiction because they have the tendencies to calm the brain and increase craving. The worst part of being addicted to these drugs is that once you are addicted, the symptoms that you treated with this medication typically rebound within six weeks with other side effects.

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate – GHB

This drug was introduced in 2002 to treat narcolepsy (lack of sleep). The drug calms down the brain and puts the person in a soothing condition that helps them sleep. However, since it affects the brain, it comes with a high level of craving among the users.

There are high chances of the abuser getting addicted to it. GHB can affect the brain negatively, and is very hard to give up. Withdrawal symptoms include a lack of sleep, excessive sweating and other bodily changes.


Opiates is a commonly prescribed drug. It helps to reduce pain in the body and relaxes the muscles. However, the drug is highly addictive and a person may crave for another dosage just hours after the previous dosage was taken.

Since it is very easy to get addicted to such drugs, the person may experience various internal changes when he or she tries to withdraw. These include:

  • Aching veins
  • Breathing problems.
  • Heavy sedation.
  • Risk of hepatitis.
  • Weakened immune system.


One of the most dangerous drugs that can ruin a person’s life is cocaine. It is illegal yet is still widely used. Cocaine comes in many forms but is usually snorted. It gives a “high” for 30 minutes and feeds pleasure to the brain by releasing dopamine in higher levels.

The level of addictiveness for this drug is off the charts and the damage it inflicts on the mind and body are also very high. Cocaine addiction is life threatening as it can affect the functions of the heart and lungs.

The Verdict

These five drugs are highly addictive and are also easily available. If you or anyone close to you is addicted to any such drug, make sure to visit a specialist to find drug treatment information and get Treatment for addiction recovery.