Types Of Detox

There are a few reasons why people choose to detoxify their bodies. Some may detox to lose a few pounds, while others may use it to transition to their new diet. Detoxifying the body may help you eliminate toxins or let your body recover from conditions, like poor digestion or heavy metal poisoning. 

Your body will suffer if it has to continually strain itself from filtering out the bad stuff from everything you eat and drink. There are cases when a person gets poisoned by heavy metals, like lead and mercury, due to contaminated food and drinks, which can be bad for one’s health if not addressed in time.

Your health may be at risk without you even knowing, so it’s vital to take precautionary steps to ensure that your body works properly. You can read Chelation Health Product’s blog post about heavy metal poisoning if you want to know if you’re at risk. 

If you simply want to try detoxifying to see whether it’ll help improve your current health condition, consider trying out any of these detox methods:

Fruit Juice Detox 

Types Of Detox

One detox method you can try is the fruit juice detox program. This diet restricts the consumption of junk foods or unhealthy foods.

During the detoxification process, you can only consume different fruit or vegetable juices on a strict schedule. Eating solid foods is usually avoided throughout the cleansing process since it might affect the program’s results. This detox method lets the body flush out accumulated toxins over time.

Take note that fruit juice detox can last for a couple of days or, in some cases, a few weeks. 

Water Detox

Another way to cleanse your body is through a water detox. This diet works by not eating any solid foods. Instead, you’ll only be drinking large amounts of water.

The objective is to rid the body of toxins and excrete it through urine, allowing the body to filter any waste left in the digestive system. This type of detoxification is ideally done on a short-term basis since consuming water alone won’t supply your body’s needed nutrients.  

Tea Cleanse 

Another detox that helps purge the waste in your body is a tea cleanse. Different teas will have varying effects on the body. For example, green tea can help loosen up the toxins in the body, making it easier for the kidney and liver to filter it out. Some may act as laxatives, assisting the body in releasing everything through the bowels.

The type of tea you’ll use will depend on how quickly you want the detox to take effect and what excretion method will be most comfortable for you.

Liver Detox

Your liver acts as a natural filtering system since it cleans the blood, detoxifies metabolites, and synthesizes proteins needed by the body. Your liver suffers the consequences if you practice unhealthy eating habits, which is why it’s important to allow the organ to recover.

A liver detox prioritizes eating healthy foods that’ll supply vitamins and nutrients needed by the liver to work efficiently. Though it’s a good idea to cleanse your liver, you should be cautious when doing this method since some advertised techniques may do more harm than good. It’s advisable to consult a doctor when you’re planning to do this particular detox method to avoid the risk of liver damage. 

The Master Cleanse

While on a master cleanse, you can only drink a detox tea and lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This detox method is usually done for ten days or longer to lose weight and cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. 

Should You Detox? 

If you want to jumpstart your weight loss journey, then a detox diet may help you lose a few pounds. However, you still need to follow it up with a better diet and a more active lifestyle so you don’t gain the weight back. 

If you want to clean your system and rid itself of toxins, choose to do healthier diet switches instead of abruptly putting your body under an extreme detoxification method. 

Detox methods shouldn’t be considered as long-term diets since most of them won’t supply enough nutrients to your body. Remember to do everything in moderation and always listen to what your body tells you.