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5 Cutting Edge Rehabilitation Techniques to Improve Patient Recovery

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Recent innovations in rehabilitative therapies are making it possible for people to enjoy shorter recovery times and greater levels of health. Among some of the newest techniques are processes that are designed to facilitate increased mobility, flexibility and overall well-being.

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As a result of these developments, finding the right treatment setting and gaining access to cutting-edge services is a vital part of regaining good health after a major accident or illness.

Following are five of the top methods that are currently being used to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease, recent amputations, limited or no use of their limbs and spinal or head injuries.

Motor Image Therapies for Those with Loss of Functionality in Their Limbs

Graded motor image therapy is used to facilitate neurological changes that will naturally alleviate discomfort and improve movement in a non-functioning limb. These efforts result in cortical reorganization that helps the brain recognize the targeted limb and expedite recovery.

With the help of therapists, patients are asked to visualize their limbs while imaging them as being fully mobile and pain-free. This can be done by focusing on activities that were enjoyed before the limb was injured and by describing out loud the different aspects of these activities in a sequential fashion.

This immersion in imagery and memory often promotes the very neurological actions that will help patients obtain positive results.

Mirror Box Therapy

Non-functioning limbs are hidden behind mirrors in mirror box therapy. The functioning limb is positioned close to the mirror so that the reflection of this limb appears to be the limb that is no longer responsive.

This helps to trick the brain into seeing both limbs as fully functional and free of pain. Mirror box therapy also facilitates cortical reorganization so that the benefits of the therapy are ongoing.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is fast becoming a popular strategy for alleviating inflammation and discomfort while restoring optimal cellular functioning in areas that have been injured. These efforts are non-invasive and relatively pain-free.

A specialized laser is used to penetrate the skin while the patient rests in a comfortable position. This therapy limits inflammation and helps the body to become more efficient in healing itself.

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Inversion table therapy is not new, however, it is rapidly increasing in popularity among providers who are eager to help their patients obtain safe and natural pain management solutions.

People with spinal injuries such as disc compression, slipped discs or mild subluxations are placed on inversion tables and gradually inverted for a short period of time.

This alleviates spinal pressure, promotes improved spinal alignment and increases circulation to the topmost portion of the body, thereby improving neurological activities and nerve to brain communication.

Joint Fluid Therapy

Joint fluid therapy is designed to help those with limited mobility due to stiff, sore joints. These efforts entail a series of injections directly into the affected joints that replenish lost synovial fluid. With increased joint lubrication, it is often possible to experience a greatly increased range of motion and far less pain.

Many of the latest rehabilitative procedures are moving beyond the mere treatment of symptoms in order to address problems at their sources. Receiving care at a progressive facility like Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital gives patients access to a far greater range of treatment options.

The innovative solutions that these establishments provide are helping people improve their well-being and their overall life qualities in much shorter periods of time.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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