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5 Amazing Tips for Women to Make Their Feet Attractive

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You try out different things to have luscious locks, smooth skin, soft hands, but what about your feet? Feet are unjustly ignored, but they matter a lot. Let’s face it, you want your feet to look great when you’re wearing summer shoes or walking barefoot in your home. How many times have you wanted to do something about cracked heels? Or maybe you wanted feet to feel smoother and seem prettier?

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This isn’t mission impossible! You can easily achieve your goal to have attractive, sexy, smooth feet and this article will show you how to make it happen.

Foot scrubs

Foot scrubs help you exfoliate your feet i.e. get rid of dead skin cells. Not only is this useful for cracked heels, but it also smoothes the skin of your feet making it appear brighter and healthier. You can buy foot scrubs, or make them by yourself. Here are a few foot scrubs you can try out:

  • Brown sugar foot scrub – combine 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil into the mixture. Use the scrub on your feet, or other dry areas, and wash off well
  • Rosemary and peppermint foot scrub – mix ¼ cup Kosher salt, 1 tablespoon of table salt, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 drops of peppermint oil, and ½ teaspoon of rosemary into a small bowl and stir together. This scrub will give you smooth and hydrated feet
  • Strawberry sugar scrub – combine together 1 cup white sugar, ½ cup olive oil, 2-3 drops of strawberry aromatherapy oil, 10 drops of red soap colorant. Mix thoroughly until you get a unified mass and then proceed to use it on your feet

Deal with pain properly

As you constantly move and walk, your feet endure a lot of stress on a daily basis. Joint pain occurs due to a variety of reasons including injuries, age-related wear, and tear, even arthritis. All these factors affect your quality of life. Caring for your feet to make them attractive goes beyond scrubs, you also have to learn how to tackle some problems your feet face regularly. So, here’s how you can manage arthritis and joint pain in your feet:

  • See your doctor, especially if you have a rheumatoid arthritis
  • Exercise your feet to increase flexibility and mobility
  • Get a food massage which relieves pain and discomfort, improves blood flow which is necessary for healthy skin, and it’s incredibly relaxing. Not only will the massage help alleviate pain, but it will also contribute to appearance of your feet (skin needs healthy blood flow to get nutrients) and you’ll feel better about yourself thanks to stress relief
  • Keep weight in a healthy range to reduce the pressure on foot joints
  • Take a warm foot bath
  • Avoid standing all day


Your feet love care and pampering as much as your face. For example, you use a cream to moisturize the delicate skin on your face every morning and then you do the same before bedtime. But guess what – your feet need a little bit of moisturizing too. It’s not just enough to use foot scrubs, pumice stones or files to get rid of cracked heels and get smooth feet. You have to finalize that process with a moisturizer.

Ideally, you should opt for a deep moisturizer that will penetrate even the most roughened skin. Don’t use the same cream you apply on your face because the feet need a thicker consistency. Moisturizers for feet can be too oily for face, while facial creams don’t provide the nourishment your feet need to stay smooth and nourished.

Generally, you should moisturize your feet on a daily basis. Wash your feet, pat them dry, and apply moisturizer, put on socks and go to bed. In the morning, your feet will be so smooth you won’t want to stop touching them. Remember, moisturizer is applied even after you’re done with foot scrubs.

Choose shoes wisely

To make sure your feet look pretty, you also have to choose the footwear wisely. Yes, we all know the size of shoes we wear, but we still make wrong choices when shopping. The poor purchasing decision can make you end up with tight shoes that lead to corns, bunions, and other deformities. It’s needless to mention they may cause the frustrating ingrown nail problem. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when shopping for shoes:

  • Don’t buy shoes of any kind without trying them on first
  • Feel the inside of shoes to check if there are seams, tags, or other material that might irritate your feet
  • Go shopping for shoes in the afternoon because your foot naturally expands during the day
  • Listen to your feet and trust the comfort level rather than the shoe size written on the soles
  • Take a tracing of your feet with you and place a shoe you’d like to buy on top of the tracing. If the shoe is shorter or narrower than the tracing, it’s not the right size
  • Wear the same type of socks you plan to wear with the shoes

Diet matters too

When we think of our feet and different ways to make them smoother and more attractive, we never consider the diet choices. But, we should! Your diet affects every part of the body, and your feet aren’t the exception. One major problem linked to nutrition that can also affect feet is inflammation. Some foods contribute to inflammation which could appear in the foot as plantar fasciitis.

The chances are high you consume inflammation-inducing foods on a daily basis. They include refined grains, sugar, trans fats, saturated fat in red meat, and the Omega-6 fatty acids in vegetable oils. Let’s not forget that inflammation also aggravates joint pain and arthritis.

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You can improve the health of your feet through the intake of a well-balanced diet, particularly best anti-inflammatory foods such as Omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and tomatoes.


Every woman wants pretty and attractive feet and it’s easy to make it happen. Make (or buy) foot scrubs, moisturize regularly, choose the right footwear, and take care of pain and discomfort. A little bit of care and nourishment are necessary for your feet to thank you with super smooth and soft skin you’ll love to show off this summer.

Author Bio:

Margaux Diaz is an expert and a well-known writer. She writes on health, beauty and fitness also have reviewed products like Vibrant C and more. You can follow Margaux on social media sites like Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

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