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If recent reports are to be believed, women should start “worrying” about wrinkles by the age they reach 21. Such a statistic might sound ridiculous, but the way in which the body deals with the aging process means that starting early can be one of the best ways to curb this side effect of getting older.

Of course, there is more. Even if you have surpassed the 21 mark (like most of us have), then you don’t have to give up the ghost and assume that you are set for a life of deep, long wrinkles. While the rule of the earlier the better does apply, any action you take is going to benefit you no-end.

This is what today’s guide is about. Sure, some people might turn to a facelift on the first sign of a wrinkle, but in terms of everyday tasks let’s take a look at what you can do to stop these changes in their tracks.

It’s sometimes just about your diet

If you’re under the impression that you have to turn to expensive anti-wrinkle creams to tackle this topic, you might be set for a pleasant surprise. Sure, some of these creams are excellent, but there are plenty of lifestyle choices that can help you along your way and changing your diet falls into this category.

In short, you need to be looking at adding more antioxidants to it. This is because these are able to protect your skin from free radicals. Try and incorporate the likes of pecans, berries, red kidney beans and oily fish to really make the difference.

The usual advice about water

We’ve classed this as the “usual advice”, because it has been doing the rounds for a number of years now. Authorities around the world have preached the point that we need to be gulping around two litres per day, with this amount increasing after you have turned to exercise.

While there are a whole host of reasons behind this, keeping your skin hydrated is one of these.

Beware the perils of the sun

We all love a tan, but there are limits to this. Even if you don’t see the sun shining particularly brightly, it is hidden away somewhere, and it will cause damage to your skin over time. While some people may view this next tip as excessive, applying sunscreen on a daily basis will make a monumental difference to the way in which your skin develops.

Just get some more shut-eye

While some of the above might result in quite big changes to your lifestyle, let’s conclude proceedings with one that is probably going to be embraced by everyone.

It’s another one of those topics that has done the rounds a lot in the media recently; but trying to get the recommended eight hours sleep on a nightly basis will do wonders for your skin. This “downtime” will give your body the chance to make the repairs, and ultimately allow your skin to regenerate.


  1. Hello Kingsley,
    thank you for the tips that you have mentioned on curving wrinkles. I especially liked the getting enough sleep which you have mentioned. I myself sometimes sleep late at night because if getting some things done and neglecting the most important health regiment on sleeping habits.