Parenting can be stressful. While it brings immense joy and enthusiasm, raising a child brings with it a lot of emotional and physical turmoil. At this point, it is important to be empathetic in a relationship and listen to each other with a better understanding. Whatever phase you are in a relationship, listening to what your partner has to say can be a game-changer. 

Unfortunately, many new parents complain that they do not feel heard or that it is hard to share negative feelings and emotions with their partner. Over time, this can lead to resentment, emotional disconnection, and drifting apart. Before these issues can take a toll on your relationship, you must improve as a listener. 

How to be a Better Listener in Your Relationship?

Here are 4 ways you can be a good listener as a partner, especially when both of you are in the parenting phase. 

1. Be empathetic

Parenting comes with stress and overwhelm. Adding to this is your stress at work or to meet daily life challenges. This can take a toll on your health as well as your partner’s. For men, excess stress or certain health problems can lead to erectile dysfunction. This can badly affect their self-esteem and confidence in bed. 

At this point, you should be empathetic to listen to your partner’s problem rather than arguing with him. Try to understand his problem and what might be causing his stress. Based on this, you can consult an online doctor in the USA that might help him. Being an empathetic listener can go a long way in nurturing and improving your relationship. 

2. Listen without any biases

Let’s face it – you both have your opinions and it is difficult not to be biased when listening to one another. However, to be a good listener, it is important to set y our opinions aside and understand what your partner is saying. It does not mean you have to change your opinion. But make sure you aren’t filtering everything they say using your own bias. Even your partner deserves to be heard!

3. Be generous while listening

You might be a busy mother now. It can be hard to take time out from raising your baby to listen to your partner generously. However, it is the key to a healthy relationship. Your generosity while listening to your spouse will give him the confidence and willingness to come to you with their problems, fears and hopes. 

4. Your body language matters

When listening to your partner, use your body language and loving gestures to let them know that you care. It can be as simple as nodding your head to affirm what your partner is telling or holding eye contact with him. Holding his hands or just putting everything away to listen to him can make him feel heard and loved. Hence, body language is a crucial element of active listening.

The Bottom Line

How well do you listen to your partner? Do you feel heard? Journeying through the parenting phase, both of you need to learn to listen to each other with empathy and generosity. In the long run, it can strengthen your relationship and help you to have an enjoyable parenting experience together.