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4 Ways to Increase and Maintain Your Muscle Gains

Gaining more muscle is not an easy task, and maintaining what you already have is even tougher. Muscle gains are achieved through a mixture of proper eating and correct form in the gym.

When you weight lift with proper form, you achieve maximum gains immediately and for the long term. Try these four simple tricks to help increase and maintain muscle gains.

You Are What You Eat

If you want to gain more muscle, you need to fuel up. Working out without having enough calories and carbohydrates to build your body can cause fatigue and potential injury.

Expect to barely see results in your muscles. What you eat has been considered to be worth 80 percent of your entire muscle growth. Eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day.

In terms of how much calories you should eat, try adding another 500-1000 calories to what you’re already eating for the next week. Start adding another 500 calories every other week until you have capped off to 3,000-5,000 calories.

Supplements like Masterbolan from SDI Labs can also help increase your gains.

Limit Cardio

Avoid basic cardio at all costs when bulking up. Instead of jogging, try doing sprints for 30 seconds and resting for a minute, and then continuing that until you have reached exhaustion.

Try scheduling about a day or two in the week to focus on cardio, and then spend the rest of the week weight lifting.

Doing Full Body and Bodyweight Exercises

Make sure that you do full body exercises that work all muscles.

Avoid doing arm curls in the gym. Focus on doing exercises like deadlifts, bench presses, push-ups, squats, and even bodyweight exercises at home. It’s not uncommon for some guys to do 300 push-ups a day to help add muscle to their body.

Obviously, you can’t do 300 push-ups when you’re lifting at the gym, but on days when you’re not hitting the gym, bodyweight workouts work immensely well for strengthening your body.

Stretch Routine

If you want to maintain your gains, stretching is vital to do. Yoga is perfect, but just a couple of basic stretches that move every ligament in your body can prevent injury, keep your body flexible, and even improve recovery between your workouts.

To see serious results, consistency is the biggest tip you need to remember. Working out every single day, eating the right foods, working out with good form, drinking a good amount of water, and getting an ample amount of rest per night all come together to help get you results.

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