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4 Nuts for Workout Junkies

There is a popular saying that fitness is 40% gym work and 60% what you eat and anyone who has experienced massive benefits to their physical fitness will strongly agree with the above statement.


If you are hoping to grow your muscles and burn fat then it is imperative that you give yourself the proper nutrition so that you can stay fit and healthy as you move into the future.

From Omega 3 to protein powders, feeding on a well-rounded diet is essential to remaining on top of your game physically. One of the great ways to achieve healthy fats and protein in your diet is by eating nuts. This is sure to keep you working out in the gym for many years to come.

as a matter of fact nuts have become a staple in the diet of most bodybuilders. while we are conditioned to believe that every nut is healthy for you, I would like to inform you that it is essential you pick the right ones because some of them are not right for you if you’re looking to gain muscles and maintain a healthy physical appearance.

In this article we have put together some of the most useful nuts for fitness; all you have to do is read further.

1. Walnuts


Walnuts are very wonderful because they are healthy not only do they help boost your brain; they are also healthy for you if you are a fitness junkie.

One of the major reasons why those who workout enjoy eating walnuts is that these not offer you a healthy amount of alpha linoleic acid. If you’re wondering what is fully like acid is it is simply the plant-based precursor of omega-3 fatty acids.

Apart from the production of alpha linoleic acid walnut also helps to regulate your body’s production of nitric oxide which is wonderful for your heart health.

When it comes to providing healthy unsaturated fat, then walnuts are higher than other nuts you can find in your market place, and they also offer for a gram of protein per ounce serving.


2. Almonds


As far as Fitness geeks are concerned almonds are the nuts for power. the reason why almonds are so useful is because majority of their carbs come as fibre and there are also quite high in protein compared to other nuts.

People who are looking to shed fat and gain muscle seem to benefit greatly from almonds as well a lot of people who eat at least 1.5 ounces of almond nuts have noticed significant reduction in fat around their meat sections.

A single ounce serving contains 6 grams of protein so if you decide to feed on that immediately after exercise it is an excellent way to rebuild muscles.

3. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts

For people who want to get enough fat but reduce the carbs then brazil nuts at the best option for you. these nuts are not only wonderful for people who work out, they are great for every single person because brazil nuts contain plenty of selenium.

Selenium is in mineral that is vital to the proper function of your thyroid and you can get your recommended daily intake of selenium from eating just to brazil nuts.

Your metabolism has to be very good if you want to burn fat easily so make sure you get enough selenium because your thyroid is important if you must get good metabolism.

4. Peanuts


Peanuts are very common. In fact, a lot of people eat peanuts as a snack without even thinking about its health benefits. However, it is one of the nutritious foods that people are allergic to.


For people who are interested in maintaining the right amount of testosterone they need to get plenty of monocyte rated fat in their diet, and this is something that peanuts can easily provide for you.

Peanuts are also a wonderful source of protein, and they are low in carbs. Peanuts contain healthy fat, so you don’t have to bother about eating too much of it.

If you eat a single one out serving of peanuts, you will be getting 7 grams of protein 14 grams of fat 161 calories and an ordinary 5 gram of carbohydrates.

I guess it is safe to say that eating not is one wonderful way to help you round out your fitness diet so that you can achieve all your workout goals.

It is best that you purchase your nuts in wholesale quantity. A lot of supermarkets have bottled and boxed nuts on their shelf so you can easily pick one up.

One reason why you have to buy your notes in large quantity is so that you do not run out when you need to have them around this way you can avoid the temptation of feeding on less healthy snacks after your exercise.

Nuts are very tasty and can be eaten anytime and anywhere. An added advantage of having nuts around is that their fibre content makes you feel full easily. Stay fit as you get all the healthy nutty benefits.

You can share any other nuts that are great for workout with us in the comment section provided below.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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